• Cadillac Muzik releases new song ‘Spacecowboy’
    by Singersroom Music on August 2, 2021 at 4:29 pm

    From San Antonio, Texas, the artistic duo has been performing alternative Hip Hop music since 2010. There new release, "Spacecowboy" is a prime example of how they like to tease and cajole with their lyrics and hip-hop sound. The two artists Scott Campbell, also known as DaddyDvil and Beseja Moses, also referred to as CaddyMack produce and write the songs. Inspired by Southern rap legends like OutKast they began their career only eleven years ago, since then releasing 18 albums, EP's, and singles. The group consistently nabs a spot-on Billboard's R&B charts each year making them the group for other up-and-coming artists to mimic. Their first title was their name released in 2012 followed by "FunkyLand" in 2014. Now, in 2021, they've released a single called "Spacecowboy". While we've heard songs with the same title, none have had the spin on the concept that Cadillac Muzik's song has. This R&B music review finds this song reflects the influence of the East Point, Georgia duo, OutKast, that took the world by storm just a few years ago with monumental hits like "The Way You Move" and "Hey Ya". With that kind of potential, Cadillac Muzik is positioned to explode with Space Cowboy as one of the catalysts. The song is slow paced, still it's got great lyrics and a smooth beat that keeps you involved with the song from start to finish. "...I can be your one and only space cowboy. You can't let the world walk all over your joy. Open up your mind. We can go beyond time. Sipping on drink with the seats on recline. In the Eldorado with the top peeled back..." It's a positive song with a twist. I don't know what a space cowboy is, but Cadillac Muzik makes the concept sound both good and desirable. https://www.instagram.com/cadillacmuzik/ https://m.facebook.com/210CadillacMuzik https://www.itscadillacmuzik.com/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadillac_Muzik The post Cadillac Muzik releases new song ‘Spacecowboy’ appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • Chantel Nicole releases sultry new song ‘Here I Am’
    by Singersroom Music on August 2, 2021 at 3:53 pm

    Chantel Nicole is a singer who can move. She's a double threat with great control over her dance moves and "Here I Am" is a dance tune. If you're not moving when that song is playing, you are unable to hear. It's got all the ingredients of a Chantel began her career as a dancer choreographer. She capitalized on her entree into the industry by songwriting and singing. Hailing from Long Island, now she is taking the R&B/pop industry by storm. Her previous release, "I Like U", also a dance tune was more subtle, but "Here I Am" is popping and its R&B Music Review sees this song as strongly preformed from start to finish. It has all the right movements, ups, and downs for a song that last for four minutes and three seconds. Every moment is spent taping a foot or moving like you cannot control the urge. You easily work up a welcomed sweat with the beat of "Here I Am". The bass guitar is setting the beat throughout the beginning and adds depth to the whole song. The keyboard contributes heavily, but that bass guitar shines. Chantel's alto voice is strong, and she can hit those high notes with ease. But from start to finish that bass guitar is humming, laying the ground for you to get down. Whether you label Chantel an R&B singer or a pop singer, she is a great singer. She's got the makings of a star. All of us should be prepared to see much more of her. She's talented in more than one way, having the ability to write music, sing, and dance, plus choreograph those great moves we've seen in her videos. Hopefully, there'll be a lot more to come of Chatel Nicole in the coming years and decades. https://www.instagram.com/Ms.ChantelNicole/ https://www.youtube.com/c/ChantelNicole https://www.facebook.com/ms.chantelnicole/ https://twitter.com/mschantelnicole The post Chantel Nicole releases sultry new song ‘Here I Am’ appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • Music Carolyn’s New ‘Choose Yourself’ EP
    by Singersroom Music on August 2, 2021 at 3:35 pm

    Link to the album (downloadable/streaming no login required) with lyrics. https://s.disco.ac/jqltfbtgqxjp In a time in the world where we have all been more closed in than we are used to... having something to help take you away for a while has been almost invaluable. When it comes to escaping, nothing has been quite as powerful as getting into our spiritual spaces, binging Netflix or getting lost in a brand new album. We sat down with the Carolyn EP "Choose Yourself" and when it comes to escapism? It surely did not disappoint. Here was our takeaway... R&B Music Review: Carolyn's EP "Choose Yourself" Carolyn really hit the ball out of the park with her EP "Choose Yourself." With a by the beach vibe, Carolyn tapped into all our desires right now... that the world would return to normal and we could be anywhere that we wanted to be without the fear of worry. Laid back and filled with seaside ambiance, Carolyn really understood the assignment that a 2021 was giving to every artist in the world - help us feel like we are somewhere else. With elements of smooth, easy vocals and a melody that takes your mind away from all of the struggles of the recent few years, Carolyn's "Choose Yourself" is reminding us to take care of ourselves right now. That's a real feat in this day and age. We have spent so much time worrying about how the world is, how the world will be and what's next... An escape is really all that we need right now other than the good news that everything is healthy, normal and safe again. Concluding Thoughts If you have not checked out Carolyn's music... now is the perfect time. If you need to escape a little without ever leaving the house, this album really does that well. Check it out. You won't regret it. The post Music Carolyn’s New ‘Choose Yourself’ EP appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • Mike Lavi’s new single “Let You Go”
    by Singersroom Music on August 2, 2021 at 3:01 pm

    Mike Lavi is a 23-year-old singer out of Cincinnati, Ohio. His newest release, "Let You Go" is a fantastic blend of the old and the new with his Rap sounds laid over a background harmony of bee-bopping and doo-woping making the sound extremely new and unique. The thing you notice right off the bat is that the sound is unexpected. This R&B music review found the sound fun and mellow, right for a relaxing night at home. It would be the right song for a slow dance or a slow-paced swing. "Let You Go" has a timely sound mixing something old and something new. It's smooth and bouncy, finger popping and head bopping goodness. Even the older R & B lover will find something to appreciate in this song. Lavi's previous works have leaned heavily on the hip hop genre for its base sound. "Let You Go" looks back at the beginnings of Rap where the beat was often drawn from past sounds that were being reintroduced and given a new flavor. In rap there's always room for more of that type of creativity and Lavi's song hits the spot dead on. You might not like the 50's music, or you might not care for Rap, but this is a dynamic blend of the two genres that truly works. The harmonies are soft but bold enough to accent Lavi mellow rap. While he doesn't stray too far from the phrase, "I can't let you go", the listener can feel the emotion in his voice and understands the unspoken words as everyone has had that painful feeling of loss heard so clearly in the depth of feeling portrayed in "Let You Go". For sure in "Let You Go", Dear John, is not an option for this man's lover and that is clearly stated, crooned, and pleaded. https://www.instagram.com/mike_lavi/ https://twitter.com/MikeLavi_ The post Mike Lavi’s new single “Let You Go” appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • ANISE – Obey
    by Singersroom Music on July 23, 2021 at 10:15 pm

    Anise is no newcomer to the music scene considering it has been a decade since her Bedroom Writing Sessions. However, this second-coming may as well be her first as the vibe is as fresh and intoxicating as it is mature. There is no doubt in our minds after listening to her latest release Obey that Anise is determined to leave her mark on the genre and the industry as a whole. Citing Ertha Kitt, Sade, Janet Jackson, and Victoria Monet among her biggest contemporary and traditional influences, it is easy to see why Anise's sound can easily be described as classic smooth jazz sounds mixed with sultry contemporary R&B and topped with a pop edge. Anise seamlessly interweaves all these elements to create a sound that is all her own. It also does not hurt that she is one of those unique artiste with a unique and warm tone that not only immediately draws you in, but also clearly identifies her. Whenever you hear her, you know it's her. Sonically, Anise understands her range and tone and uses them well. Her message of empowerment and sexual agency is wrapped in lush harmonies on 'Obey,' which gives it much-needed authentic and understated confidence that strengthens both the sound you can expect from her going forward, as well as the message of this particular track without being overwhelming or coming off as trying too hard. The guitar-led, rock-tinged breakdown is everything. Smartly, Anise has released the track with accompanying visuals to help promote the song in this audio-visual age. It doesn't hurt that the video starring Anise performing solo is as suggestive, simple, and sultry as the track. Sometimes, the art of storytelling lies in what is not shown - a reality her artistic director clearly understands. 'Obey' is the latest release from the singer-songwriter's upcoming debut EP Black Eve, which is slated for release in September 2021. If this release is any indication of what we can expect from the EP and Anise in the weeks, months, and years to come, then it is clear she is here to stay and a force to be reckoned with. https://www.instagram.com/aniseology/ ​https://www.facebook.com/AniseMusic/​ https://soundcloud.com/anise-official https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC80RBPr9JPi8h0DslkONSAg https://www.aniseofficial.com/sign-up The post ANISE – Obey appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • Philadelphia-based Musician, Moses Mosima, Shares Vivid Journey Through Heartbreak and Self-Love on 9-Track Project ‘Cul De Sac’
    by Singersroom Music on July 23, 2021 at 9:08 pm

    Honestly, I was looking forward to Moses Mosima's new offering and Cul De Sac didn't disappoint. Mosima, who is of Cameroonian and Filipino descent, is known for laid-back and catchy RnB tunes so this album delivered on all those expectations and then some. The song is the perfect soundtrack to summer especially for those times when you just want to slow down and catch up with friends after the year that we just had. Great, laid-back vocals and catchy melodies with lyrics that are clear enough to sing along to make this album a fun addition to any playlist. R&B Music Review The beat is catchy, light and the melody is something that is easy to follow if you are the type who likes to sing along. It starts off with a distinct 80s vibe and I like how the percussion in the background add to that 80s feel. Ride the beachy melody until the end and try to spot the guitar riff that caps the song off-- the way it flows definitely brings back late '90s feels that will transport nostalgic millennials back in time. The first song gives you a taste of how the singer wants the entire album to sound like: minimalist, back to basic with vocals and instruments that allow you to really enjoy his voice without missing the beat. Even more impressive is the fact that he produced the entire album himself. I think this is partially why this album feels personal, authentic and all that makes the song and entire album so easy to make your own. Cul de Sac is the first single in the album and is definitely a signature song and vibe. Mosima pretty much has established his style as driven by light melodies, solid lyrics and a versatile arrangement that makes his songs so relatable. If you haven't found your summer chill single yet this definitely deserves a top spot. https://www.instagram.com/mosesmosima_/ https://twitter.com/moses__mosima https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMJWygfrjZ0UdvtghhfHtgw The post Philadelphia-based Musician, Moses Mosima, Shares Vivid Journey Through Heartbreak and Self-Love on 9-Track Project ‘Cul De Sac’ appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • Parhys Releases Intoxicating Single ‘Speechless’
    by Singersroom on July 15, 2021 at 8:31 pm

    With art in her blood, Pahrys has been a natural performer since childhood. She was keen on nurturing this talent by attending West London's Barbara Speake Stage School -- an institution known for producing such talents as Phil Collins and Naomi Campbell. She has already achieved success as an actor with roles in Eastenders and West End's "The Lion King". However, those projects are just the beginning of her artistic adventures. Now Pahrys has officially entered the London music scene with her first single "Speechless". This smooth jam works best when you close your eyes and let the music take control. Its slow sensual sound and luscious beats provide the perfect backdrop to a romantic evening. The artist is unapologetic about the song's content. She embraces her sexuality as a natural part of her being and wishes other women can feel as empowered to do the same. Despite spending most of her time in London, Pahrys has close family ties in New York. The influence on her music is palpable. Her style takes traditional R&B and infuses it with modern sensibilities. Her femininity is on full display but she will not be meek about it or conform to any rules. She expresses her uniquely bold spirit in every word while being earnest and comforting. She takes charge but she does not overpower. The rhythm keeps it relaxed and controlled, putting listeners in a trance. The musicality is clear to see. The song teases audiences about what is yet to come from an up-and-coming artist. In future releases, Pahrys may showcase more of her range and vocal prowess. She could also explore different themes or dig deeper into her roots. Her journey in music is just starting and it will be fun to see how she takes it from here. Listen now: https://ditto.fm/speechless-parhys https://instagram.com/parhysjaixoxo/ The post Parhys Releases Intoxicating Single ‘Speechless’ appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • Anika Dara Releases “Enjoy The Moment”
    by Singersroom on July 9, 2021 at 4:06 am

    Summer is upon us, and after the last year and a half we have had, it is safe to say that many of us are looking forward to some fun (and memorable) moments outdoors. Of course, we need the perfect summer song to go with those moments. In this edition of R&B music review, we take a closer look at just how Anika Dara's debut single 'Enjoy The Moment' is just what the doctor ordered. I don't know about you guys, but when I think of enjoying the moment, I automatically think of sublime experiences. This includes everything from the cool summer breeze to the bliss of summer love. For me, Anika's new single captures all the above perfectly... with a twist. While most of us will readily admit that our summer love experiences have been mostly 'flings,' Anika's song of the summer recounts a tale of love that is quite the opposite. Instead of fleeting attraction and over-romanticized ideals, the singer croons about a love that is comfortable and that has already, for the most part, stood the test of time. Her powerful lyrics speak of being present in the moment by taking the next step towards romance in an already grounded, stable love, rooted in deep friendship. Anika's tone and smooth, girlish vocals, fit well with the lyrics, giving the song the feel that she is ready to take the leap and cross over into the more serious matters befitting her womanhood and readiness to love. This is key, as the singer, in many ways, is reminiscent of a young India Arie. If this song is any way to go by, Anika Dara is well on her way to being a new voice at the forefront of the modern neo-soul, R&B-fusion sound. https://anikadara.com/ http://twitter.com/anikadara http://youtube.com/anikadara The post Anika Dara Releases “Enjoy The Moment” appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • Serena Smart Releases “Decisions”
    by Singersroom on July 8, 2021 at 2:33 am

    The sultry Serena Smart recently released her smash hit single, "Decisions". This fresh, engaging jam features a smooth RnB laid-out track with enticing, sexy lyrics. The beat is smooth, the words are on point, and the overall composition is simply divine. Serena's throaty lyrical flow soothes the mind, body, and soul. The accompanying video directed by Benny Boom captures the essence of romance in the big city at every turn. Serena's vocal range is impeccable with highs and lows that carry you through an incredible musical experience. "Decisions" makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Serena Smart definitely has cemented her presence in this ever-changing, fast-paced RnB and pop-fused world. I have this ballad on replay because it's simply marvelous every time I listen to Serena's flow. If you are an old-school or new-school connoisseur of RnB with a romantic touch, this song will do it each time it's played. Sit back, relax, and let this enchanting track take you to new elevations. I especially love the way Serena overlaps her lyrics in a concise, precise, and "Smart" way. "Decisions" is not a track to be taken lightly or forgotten. We are talking award material here and Serena Smart certainly has a bright, rosy future in the global music scene. Click on the link below and experience the soothing waves that this ballad brings to your speakers and headphones! You can also check out different versions of Serena's latest track and her previously released songs on Soundcloud. Quote from Serena Smart: "The greatest revenge is success. Due to my past relationship and not being able to fully focus on myself, it caused a negative impact on my life and future endeavors. Ever since I closed that chapter of my life, it's been full speed ahead. Now I'm riding around in coupes all day, chasing a bag and not a boy." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtkMXaOpQcE&t=1s https://soundcloud.com/serenasmart https://www.instagram.com/serenaasmart/ The post Serena Smart Releases “Decisions” appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • Zenesoul Releases “That Love” (music video)
    by Singersroom on July 7, 2021 at 1:52 am

    "That Love" by Zenesoul is a spectacular ballad that is well crafted with fresh music and hype lyrics. This romantic RnB track showcases Zenesoul's magnificent voice with an angelic feel and presence. Swayback and forth and let your fingers and toes tap to this beautiful song. "That Love" is a trip down the highs and lows of romance and challenging relationships. Zenesoul is articulate, versatile, and has a tremendous vocal range that soars high above the clouds. She continues to receive stellar reviews, ratings and likes across YouTube, social media, and streaming platforms. With its rhythmic flow and laid-back RnB beats, this track is soulful and engaging with every verse. Zenesoul has created a wonderful jam here that will be enjoyed by today's audiences and old-school romantic song lovers. The composition and video celebrate the everlasting bonds of love and all the challenges that come with relationships. From spending time with your significant lover in the park to chatting on the phone for countless hours, "That Love" captures the allure and essence of finding that someone special as a life partner. The background music is cutting-edge with synthesizers and a steady beat that simply won't quit. Zenesoul is as sexy and enticing as her songs. You are sure to play this smash hit over and over after listening to it for the first time -- I know I did! If you love new RnB with an old-school yesteryear feel and appeal, take a listen below and get ready for something new! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFx7Aynj_n4 The post Zenesoul Releases “That Love” (music video) appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

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