• R&B Recording Artist Chris Knite: The Soulful Voice of a Legend on the Rise
    by Singersroom on July 1, 2022 at 4:12 pm

    written by: Giavanna Foster Music is a universal language that unites people from around the world. When it comes to singers, there are people who sing, and there are others whose voices are undeniable in richness of talent and the ability to connect with the hearts of fans. Gifted singers who come to mind are legendary artists like Al Green, Aretha Franklin, and Luther Vandross. There is a new gifted artist emerging on the R&B front destined for greatness. His name is Chris Knite. As a recording artist, Chris Knite has a unique soulful sound that is creating buzz on the national music scene with his velvet voice and pure R&B sound. Looking at his new self-titled EP, “Chris Knite,” the project features both contemporary and progressive R&B tracks that include “I Gotchu” featuring Kamillion and “Hard 2 Say” featuring Khaotic (Love and Hip-Hop Miami). There are no filler tracks on this EP. Each song stands on its own as a solid hit as Chris Knite interprets life experiences lyrically and melodically with pure feeling and range in vocal interpretation and musical flavor. On top of his mastery of R&B as a recording artist, Chris Knite is the full package as demonstrated by his solid artistry as a concert performer. Whether recording or performing, what stands out is undeniable talent and passion infused in his original music that represent timeless R&B music for listeners to experience and enjoy. Chris Knite exudes a passion for R&B music that stands out in his live show and recordings establishing him as an artist committed to bringing back romance and love through heartfelt lyrics and the art of rhythm and blues. When asked about his journey in music, Chris Knite shared that he fell in love with music through songwriting early on at the age of 12 years old. This led him to his first recording "One More Chance” and his discovery of his ability to sing R&B music. Chris continues to be a sought- after artist on the major concert circuit where he has performed on billings with J. Cole, Erikah Badu, Musiq Soulchild, Tank, Anthony Hamilton, The Isley Brothers, Joe, Frankie Beverly, Keith Sweat, Dougie Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, and Young Jeezy. Looking at his range of talent, Chris Knite represents the full package as a solid vocalist, writer, and live performer. With his dapper attire, velvet voice, and solid performance skills, Chris Knite is “The Voice” of today’s contemporary R&B that will carry its sound and authenticity to new heights of global recognition and appeal. With his movement in style and grace from studios to the large stage, Chris Knite is no doubt a legend in the making in the genre of R&B music. Social Media You Tube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPySAlwdMe6KOOoFP-z2cCg/featured Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/realchrisknite/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/chris.knite TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@realchrisknite Website - https://realchrisknite.com/ The post R&B Recording Artist Chris Knite: The Soulful Voice of a Legend on the Rise appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • Amazing Playlist For Productive Learning Evenings On Campus
    by Singersroom on June 28, 2022 at 7:59 pm

    Studying for long hours can feel draining, especially if you're alone. You may notice that it becomes more challenging for you to focus or assimilate information. For those with good taste in music, their playlist becomes their study companion. College students are a unique bunch, especially when it comes to how they study. Students on campus often prefer studying in the evenings after classes with fewer distractions. It also helps improve their concentration. College is a time for self-discovery and reading "The Great Gatsby" essays in English gives them a mind shift since it’s packed with lessons. Evenings are crucial moments for college students both for meditation and study. To get the most out of your college experience, you need to get your act together and that demands maximum focus. Music can help you achieve that. Every genre of music produces a unique response to the listener. Typically , classical and jazz music is suitable for study but individual tastes come into play. If classical music doesn't suit your taste, there are many other options. Playlist For Productive Learning: 7 Types Of Music To Help You Focus 1. Jazz Jazz may not have crossed your mind before, but it's a music genre renowned for improving concentration. This playlist is ideal for your studies because it is always available and has no commercial breaks. As a listener, you experience a never-ending stream of various instruments being played in unison but with little to no connection to one another. Jazz is, by its very nature, unconventional. The players consult a vast musical vocabulary to determine what might fit within their tune. Your ability to recognize those notes can help your brain grow positively although it’s also taxing. Young and Beautiful from The Great Gatsby is great jazz music for study time. 2. Classical Music Science proves that classical music is the best for enhancing concentration while studying. According to the study, students who listened to classical music before bed and during lectures remembered more information than those in the control group who didn't listen to music. Another study claims that listening to classical music can improve focus and self-control. Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and other well-known composers are included in this playlist. Rhapsody in Blue, a track off The Great Gatsby album that combines classical and jazz is an excellent choice for studying. 3. Piano Music From classical composers to contemporary rock stars, the piano is one of the most exquisite instruments in the world and not only for pleasure but for studying too. You can listen to soothing piano music from this playlist whenever you want to unwind or study. You have a lot of options ranging from Bohemian Rhapsody to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, there’s no shortage of cool piano music for your studying. 4. Instrumental Rock Some students get distracted by song lyrics. Instead of studying, they sing along. Instrumentals are better options for them since there are little or no lyrics in them. You might think about turning on Explosions in the Sky. This music can help you focus on your studies for a long time without succumbing to the temptation to sing along with the lyrics. 5. Ambient Music Ambient music style includes slow, electronic dance music and atmospheric music. Any of the three genres of music will have a different effect on various individuals. It is important to remember that ambient music typically encompasses various musical styles. University and college students tend to listen to electronic music more than any other genre of music. Most students claim to enjoy listening to electronic music while studying. 6. Rnb Except you’re the type that is easily distracted because of the lyrics, RnB is an excellent choice of music for productive learning. If you have a hard time studying, it could be that your brain needs to rest; listening to RnB music will help you to unwind. After a few minutes, you’ll be relaxed and able to concentrate. 7. White Noise You may not see it as music but white noise is often used as a sleep aid because it blocks out other noises. A study shows that noise induces an elevated psychological sensation of 'annoyance,' leading to a drop in performance when carrying out intellectual activity involving memory or arithmetic skills. Sometimes it’s difficult to concentrate while conversations are going on around you, whether you're studying in your room with roommates or at an office with chatty coworkers. Neutral, non-verbal background noises, such as white noise, different from nature sounds, can help filter out these sounds. Conclusion Music is a great tool to enhance productivity and creativity; whether it's while learning or working, music can make any activity more enjoyable. The goal is to be productive and focused and music reduces brainwave activity making us more relaxed. You can choose from our recommended playlist, which covers numerous genres of music to help you study on campus. These songs should be ones that don't distract you or cause your mind to wander. The right music puts you in the right mood. Author BIO Robert Everett is a content writer and a SEO content writer and researcher with 3+ years of experience writing essays, articles, and blogs that are relevant and engaging to readers. His ability to conduct deep research on relevant topics helps to write content that is informational and useful. With multiple research conducted over time, he has written SEO articles for 50+ blogs and has also done various academic research and writing. The post Amazing Playlist For Productive Learning Evenings On Campus appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • AHVE is back with fire new single “Same Damn Thing”
    by Singersroom on June 26, 2022 at 6:25 pm

    It is our pleasure to announce another up and coming hit! AHVE is back on the scene, this time with the fire new single “Same Damn Thing”. Check it out today for a taste of New York’s smoothest R&B. Over a dreamlike soundscape and deep rhythym, his new song reminds us of the kind of love that refuses to stay in the past. Look out for his debut album "Late Nights in November", which you can pick up later this year. You can also find more of his groundbreaking work on Spotify to savor in anticipation. Though more highly recognized as his stage name AHVE, Uriel Antonio Fox is coming in hot and straight out of of Brooklyn, New York. His meteoric rise to the top started back 2016 as a song writer for the artist Honey Cocaine out of Canada. Uriel’s work paid off, resulting in the release of Honey Cocaine’s song by the name of “One Time.” In 2019 he began work studying under one of his mentors, singer and song writer Guordon Banks. Animated by what he had learned, AHVE’s star was born with the release of his first single entitled “Fade Away”. AHVE has continued to pour himself into his work ever since. “Lost Possessions”, his early 2020 song featuring Da Friend Zone began earning AHVE well deserved recognition. The talent AHVE brings eventually blew up in 2021 with stunning single “The Feeling.” Don’t miss out as he keeps the hits coming! AHVE "The Feeling" Social Media Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/3Wnzd7H7CLRo0VffuZMkPr Apple Music - https://music.apple.com/us/artist/ahve/1482454090 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/realahve/ TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@realahve Twitter - https://twitter.com/realahve/ LinkTree - https://linktr.ee/officialahve Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcRtaXvdm7ti7VjZvtxUrIQ The post AHVE is back with fire new single “Same Damn Thing” appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • Why Las Vegas Casinos Host So Many Music Events?
    by Singersroom on June 22, 2022 at 2:35 pm

    Music is the first thing people think about when trying to have a good time, but not many people realize that it can also help you be more productive and focused while gaming. Many experienced gamblers listen to music while playing poker, roulette, or other casino games. Aside from that, you will never find a casino that does not play music in its hall. As playing some casino games may take hours, there is no better way to relieve the stress of a lengthy and tough game than to listen to their favorite song. Due to this, there are now more and more live concerts in the most reputable Las Vegas casinos. Here are some reasons why Las Vegas casino concerts are the number one form of entertainment for most reputable Las Vegas gambling sites. Builds a Fun Gambling Atmosphere Different types of genres can greatly impact the customer's mood. Music has the ability to influence players' emotions and can lead to specific gambling decisions. Listening to a calm and soothing concert casino is good for the player, but upbeat music is even more compelling and captivating. Furthermore, playing at Michigan online casinos and listening to live high-tempo songs enhance players’ gambling and betting behavior. As a result, the casino players become excited and lively when they listen to this type of music. So, they will be more inclined to play their favorite casino games when they listen to this type of music. Music Events Attract More Players Nowadays, casino concerts at Las Vegas are one of the biggest reasons why people go to Las Vegas casinos to play games. If the casino features a well-known and well-liked artist, the player will be more enticed to visit that casino just because the singer is performing there. And, if a gambling site features a person's favorite artist, there is a probability that they will visit the casino solely to see their favorite singer perform. The players' gambling attitude can be greatly influenced by playing their favorite casino games at NJ online casinos to the tune of their favorite casino concert. Therefore, many Las Vegas gambling venues hire the biggest stars to play at their casinos. Some of the musical artists that played in Las Vegas casinos are : ● Elvis Presley ● Celine Dion ● Lady Gaga ● Britney Spears ● Dean Martin Live music events also increase the popularity of gambling among people who have never played any casino games. Moreover, by hiring big artists, gambling sites demonstrate their reputation and trustworthiness to their customers. Live Music Helps People to Interact Many people have found that music allows them to play their favorite games without fear and adds so much enjoyment to the games. So, there's no doubt that concert at casino has great social effects on the gambling industry. Music is played at casinos to keep gamers entertained while they play their favorite games. Furthermore, it creates an environment that excites the players. Because of this, people become more open to conversation. Casinos are more welcoming when there is music playing. People are conversing more, drinking more, and, most significantly, playing their favorite titles. Live Concerts Impact the Cognitive Skills The music may have a significant cognitive impact on the audience. Because casinos frequently hire artists to play at casinos, listening to their favorite songs provides a sense of clarity to the gamblers when they are playing their favorite games. By listening to the casino concert Las Vegas in the background, wagerers are more focused when betting. This means staying in the casino longer, playing more casino titles and making more bets. Furthermore, certain tunes can have a significant impact on a player's cognitive skills, implying that the gamer could make some excellent gambling choices. Conclusion It's no secret that Las Vegas casino concert has played a significant role in improving the entire gambling experience. It can have a huge impact on a player's cognitive function and cause major changes in their betting decisions. Many gamblers also feel that merely listening to their preferred music may help them win. Moreover, concerts at Las Vegas casinos also have a positive effect on the listener, encouraging them to keep going whether they are winning or losing. Besides, it can encourage players to socialize and have fun with one another while playing their favorite games. Due to its benefits, music will be included in gambling sites for a long time to come. The post Why Las Vegas Casinos Host So Many Music Events? appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

    by Singersroom on June 17, 2022 at 5:45 pm

    (New York - June 6th 2022) Nashville raised singer-songwriter Lauren Minear’s new single “Last Generation” is due for global release this Friday 10th June and can be pre-saved here. Written by Lauren Minear and Cristal Barrera and produced by The Online Recording Studio and Studio GRC, “Last Generation” is an atmospheric anthem which channels Lauren’s anxieties about the current political and environmental landscape. She says: “I wrote this song on a day when the sky in New York State turned red from the wildfires in California. It was at the height of COVID and during a time of political and civil unrest in the US. It felt like the world was ending, and I felt physically anxious about what kind of future my kids would have. I wanted to embody that feeling in a song.” “Last Generation” is a dark and moody track which encapsulates the political and literal atmosphere which Lauren found herself contemplating at the time of writing. This is a protest song which creates a sense of existential dread in a way which echoes Billie Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire”. Lauren also drew inspiration from Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods” which channels a similar sense of anxiety. Lauren’s clear vocals are contrasted against a backdrop of atmospheric and futuristic production. In her lyrics she explores the challenges we are facing as a generation, referencing “poison in the atmosphere, both in the air and on the ground”. She artfully contemplates the future of life on earth, asking “are we the last generation?”. It leaves you contemplating the issues we’re all facing. “Last Generation” follows on from Lauren’s release in April this year, “Soul Tied”, which conveys her feelings surrounding identity in motherhood. In her music Lauren writes about the complexities of human emotions and relationships in a way that is digestible and relatable. Her sound transpires multiple genres, including soul, indie, rock and pop. Both songs showcase Lauren’s talent for conveying her emotions and feelings through lyrics and music. Lauren shows no sign of slowing down, with three more singles planned for release later this year followed by her LP “Invisible Woman” in October. She says this will be “an introspective, raw look at the experience and shape of motherhood during the pandemic.” About Lauren Minear Lauren Minear was born in Manhattan and grew up in Nashville. She has a life-long love of music. She took piano and vocal lessons as a child and first started song-writing when she was in high school. She wrote her first song, “Daddy’s Little Girl” aged just 14. Now a mother of two and living on the outskirts of New York City, when Lauren’s not making music she’s listening to albums on long walks, spending time with her family, or doing yoga. Lauren is always looking for new ideas and makes music at home in her home studio. When inspiration strikes, she jots down her thoughts on her notes app or in one of her multiple notebooks around the house. Lauren has used music throughout her life to help her understand herself and connect with others in a more meaningful way. Her music offers an insight into her unique perspective on creativity and recovery from years of doing her own healing work as well as helping others on their own recovery journeys. About The Online Recording Studio The Online Recording Studio was founded in 2017 in Leeds, UK. It has since become a globally renowned platform for artists and musicians to have their songs professionally produced, mixed and mastered. The Online Recording Studio works with a global team of highly experienced industry professionals and its artists have gone on to secure more than 20 million streams, placements in Netflix and Hulu shows, along with major motion pictures and topped charts around the world. Further information If you would like to request an interview with the artist, have any further questions or would like to feature any of their music on radio or include in playlists please get in touch. Contact: [email protected] for more information. Pre-save "Last Generation" Now https://laurenminear.lnk.to/LastGeneration The post LAUREN MINEAR Unveils New Song “LAST GENERATION” appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • Kota the Friend Pays Homage to Single Fathers in his Newly Released Single Titled ‘Father’s Day’
    by Singersroom on June 17, 2022 at 3:49 pm

    June 17th is a big day for global recording artist Kota the Friend, who released the single, ‘Father’s Day’, just in time for the Father’s Day weekend. The single is a song from his upcoming album, MEMO, which will be released July 2022. A proud dad himself, the new track pays homage to single fathers who do their best to raise children and stay in their children’s lives, with love, despite various negative forces. Over chill, moody guitar chords, with lots of open space for moving vocals, ‘Father’s Day’ sees Kota exploring the beautiful aspects of fatherhood, while ruing the pressure that cold women, social media gossip, and false narratives can place on a single dad just doing his best. “Fatherhood’s a gift when you really present. /And you gone’ miss a lot of shit if you ain’t pay attention.” Kota stated, “My goal is to create an incredible body of work. My life experiences are real and are the life experiences of hundreds of thousands, and in some cases even millions of people around the world. These experiences are not unique to me, but I have the unique opportunity to put these experiences into my music in a way that we can all relate.” Kota added, “I want to say Happy Father’s Day to all fathers who are there for their kids, but who are still vilified and unappreciated. This song is for you.” ‘Father’s Day’ is available on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and every other platform. The release also includes an Official Video on YouTube, which shows Kota interacting with little Kota at various ages. The post Kota the Friend Pays Homage to Single Fathers in his Newly Released Single Titled ‘Father’s Day’ appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • Kayana Drops New Single – “PARADISE”
    by Singersroom on June 16, 2022 at 12:14 am

    (New York – June 3rd 2022) New York based singer-songwriter Kayana officially kicks off the start of summer today with the release of her new single ‘Paradise’ – out now on all major streaming platforms. Written and produced by Kayana and recorded at Goldheart Studios, ‘Paradise’ channels the sound of summer with a Caribbean vibe. Kayana wrote ‘Paradise’ last winter while dreaming of warmer climes. Her sound combines a fusion of steel drums, her powerful voice and a Caribbean beat which transports you to a tropical climate. Featuring vocalist G.K Williams of Jamaican descent and steelpan player Keishaun Julien of Trinidad & Tobago, coupled with Kayana’s Haitian roots and a Bahamian sound engineer makes ‘Paradise’ the product of a full Caribbean team. Kayana says: “With this year’s summer jam, ‘Paradise’, I wanted to tap into my Caribbean roots and create a tropical vibe. After two pandemic summers, I am finally looking forward to a summer filled with tropical vacations, chilling on the beach, and maybe even a summer fling. We’re excited to bring the song to life this summer!” Kayana describes her sound as a fusion of R&B with soulful and jazzy undertones. Drawing influence from H.E.R, Ella Mai, Tori Kelly and Khalid, Kayana’s talents span various genres and her back-catalog features multiple sounds including hip-hop, New Age and trap tracks. About Kayana Music runs in Kayana’s family. Her mother is a classical and jazz pianist who taught her to play piano when she was just three years old. She now plays clarinet, saxophone, acoustic guitar and the ukulele. Her primary instrument is the oboe, and she is currently the principal oboe player for the United Nations Symphony Orchestra. She’s a self-taught songwriter, where she has been writing original songs and posting them on YouTube since early adolescence. This process has helped her to develop both as an artist and as a way of processing her emotions. Kayana says: “I’m not always the best at expressing my thoughts and emotions. Music allows me to do just that. It’s my form of therapy. As a half Black artist emotionally affected by the acts of hate towards Black Americans in 2020, I used music as a means of activism and launched my debut single “I Can’t Breathe.” Since then, I’ve focused on improving my song writing and producing skills to self-produce and launch several singles. I plan on continuing to develop my skills as an artist and find opportunities to collaborate with other artists.” Further information If you would like to request an interview with the artist, have any further questions or would like to feature any of their music on radio or include in playlists please get in touch. Contact: [email protected] for more information. Follow Kayana - https://linktr.ee/kayanamusic Stream "Paradise" Now - https://open.spotify.com/album/1vaPq9U1Qz5l75Pk9oD0QJ?si=BFR14yIQRneLc_zeqxdsVg&nd=1 The post Kayana Drops New Single – “PARADISE” appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • Zaina Releases New Single “SKY IS THE LIMIT”.
    by Singersroom on June 16, 2022 at 12:03 am

    (June 9th 2022 - Orlando, Florida) Up and coming pop-fusion artist Zaina has released her latest song “Sky Is The Limit” - out now on all major streaming platforms. Written by Zaina and produced by The Online Recording Studio, “Sky Is The Limit” is a beat-heavy anthem which is a fusion of pop, dance and dubstep. The combination of Zaina’s up-beat lyrics, strong voice and masterful production skills give this colorful new tune all the makings of a summer hit. "Sky Is The Limit" marked the very beginning of Zaina’s music Career. It was the very first song she ever wrote but never released. She wrote “Sky Is The Limit” to document her commitment to music during a period of transition in her life. She had recently quit her corporate job, started her own business and for the first time was dedicated to fully living life on her own terms which included finally pursuing a music career She says.: “This song is about any new challenging journey in life, the ups and downs, being aware of your own potential, and knowing that anything is possible when you are determined.” Zaina is inspired by music from the 80s and loves listening to music from all corners of the globe. She says: “I am Middle Eastern so I love Arabic sounds and instruments. I have a passion for Latin dancing and Latin music as it's my favorite night life activity. My obsession with travel makes me curious and highly passionate about world music. Some favorites I listen to are Salsa/Bachata, Albanian pop, Greek music, and of course Arabic Music.” She’s also influenced by fellow female artists Sia and Rhianna, admiring both the variety in their music and their authenticity as artists. Zaina always strives to convey a positive message in her music, and hopes that her music will in turn inspire others. She adds: “My music authentically reflects me, my thoughts and my journey. I hope to make music that can aid in the healing and well-being of everyone who listens to it. Aside from entertaining, I want to comfort and inspire people to be themselves and live their best life. I think we all need more of that.” This latest release follows on from Zaina’s three previous singles “Voices”, “No One Knows” and “Dance All Night.” She’s got more music in the pipeline as well as a few other projects in the works, including a new release which she hopes will help listeners manifest their soulmate. Zaina’s music is magical and she is a powerhouse in the making. She is one to watch. About Zaina Zaina has loved singing, dancing and entertaining ever since she was a child but missed many opportunities for a music career until the year 2020 when she met her first Manager Friday. The timing aligned perfectly and she was finally able to take her music to the next level and release her first single in June 2021. Zaina was born in Damascus, Syria and migrated to Los Angeles in 1989 where she grew-up and lived for close to twenty years before relocating to Northern Florida. In 2019, she relocated to Orlando to launch her Real Estate business. This is where she currently resides. She’s constantly writing down new lyrical notes as they come to her, and currently records all of her music at her local studio Lion House Music. Her musical tastes span the globe, and she’s looking to incorporate more international sounds into her future work. About The Online Recording Studio The Online Recording Studio was founded in 2017 in Leeds, UK. It has since become a globally renowned platform for artists and musicians to have their songs professionally produced, mixed and mastered. The Online Recording Studio works with a global team of highly experienced industry professionals and its artists have gone on to secure more than 20 million streams, placements in Netflix and Hulu shows, along with major motion pictures and topped charts around the world. Further information If you would like to request an interview with the artist, have any further questions or would like to feature any of their music on radio or include in playlists please get in touch. Contact: [email protected] for more information. Follow Zaina https://linktr.ee/only1zaina Stream "Sky is the Limit" https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/zaina3/sky-is-the-limit The post Zaina Releases New Single “SKY IS THE LIMIT”. appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • An Artist of Great Talent Julez is here with Another Track
    by Singersroom on June 15, 2022 at 11:40 pm

    After giving a gem like "Pieces", Julez, aka Julian Gardner, is going to drop another masterpiece, "Lift Me Up". The song is going to be released in July. According to Julez, it is one of the songs that he wrote during the lockdown, just like "Pieces". Julez stated that the lockdown at home gave him a pure mind of focus to write down good songs. Julez shared the moments of writing "Pieces" as: “It was the first of many new songs for me that I started to write that was inspired by an extremely hard breakup in my life, and I looked to music to get me through a very difficult time. The track ‘Pieces’ was written late one evening when I was playing the piano after getting home from a long day at work. The chorus came to me very quickly around the riff.” The songs became a career change project for him. Although he is a rising artist, "Pieces" gave him a lot of fame worldwide. It got a lot of love and admiration from music fans. Why shouldn’t it? The song is perfect with perfect melodies, perfect vocals, and beautiful music. Calling it the song of the month will not be wrong. It is hitting the playlists of many people. It is not the first time for Julez to deliver high-quality music. Julian Gardner is a gifted lyricist and composer. Despite his lifelong passion for music, he only entered the industry two years ago. In just two years, with his exceptional songwriting and music production talents, he made a name for himself among fine-rising musicians. Julez's musical sensibility is enhanced by his early exposure to various musical instruments, such as the piano and drums. He has worked with various bands in the past. He understands how to manipulate his beats' flow and has a firm grasp of it. Furthermore, thanks to his ability, the texture, rhythm, and harmony of all the components in his songs are properly harmonized and chosen. This is what distinguishes a skilled artist from a novice artist. His most recent song, "Pieces," exemplifies his raw skill. Julez has released four tracks thus far. "High and Low," his debut single, featured Patrick Hunt and was a blend of high and low ideal pitches, voices, and lyrics with techno music. Later, he released "Beautiful Mind" and its club mix edition, which received widespread acclaim. These were his projects at the start of 2020 before the Corona Virus arrived. He couldn't release any songs because of the lockdown, but he wrote a lot. The superb attention and discipline he applied to his work culminated in the masterwork "Pieces." Upcoming Projects Julez is back with two more golden tracks after "Pieces." Julez has revealed that he will release "Lift Me Up" in July, followed by "Lovin' You," the release date of which has yet to be determined. Julez is now working on "Lovin' You" alongside another well-known musician, Bailey Jehl. Both of these songs were composed under lockdown, so we're hoping they'll be as much fun as "Pieces." Continue to follow Julez on social media for additional information. The links are the following: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/julezsound/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/julezsound/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/JULEZSOUND The post An Artist of Great Talent Julez is here with Another Track appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

  • SAGÉ releases new single “Like a Fly On the Wall”
    by Singersroom on June 10, 2022 at 2:36 am

    SAGÉ (formerly known as Shonta’ Renee) is an independent R&B soul singer/songwriter and music producer based out of Savannah, Georgia. SAGÉ has just released her latest single “Like a Fly On the Wall” on June 10, 2022 across all the usual streaming platforms. SAGÉ first discovered her passion for music at the age of five when she would emulate her favorite musical icons, Ella Fitzgerald and Anita Baker while singing along while their music was played on the radio. She discovered at an early age that she could not only sing but she had a gift for writing lyrics. The singer developed her vocal range further in the church choir. By the age of ten she was writing her own lyrics. Singer/songwriter SAGÉ In 2011, SAGÉ began her professional journey as a musical artist. By August 2014 she released her first single, “Mocha Man” on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and all the major streaming platforms. “Mocha Man” got over 50,000 hits on YouTube only a week after release. She later released two additional singles, “Slow Down” and “Regretful” in October 2014. Both of which received placement in independent films, TV series for BET and a major YouTube series. Discography for SAGÉ Over the following year, SAGÉ then released her debut EP “Situationship” in April 2015. She took a short break shortly after to address health issues and returned with her Bounce Back anthem “3Xs Bounce Back” in 2020 which gained over 100,000 views on Instagram. In 2021, she released another hot track “It Takes 2 (Peaches n Mangos)" which was also well received by her growing fan base. Her latest single, “Like a Fly On The Wall” is written from the perspective of a fly who doesn’t bother anyone but simply travels through life being self-aware and observing human experiences. In this song, SAGÉ invites her listeners to imagine a life scenario where a pretty brown girl from the South who was so consumed by trauma and struggle that she was too afraid to leave the house because of the “things she saw with her eyes.” Her lyrics and SAGÉ’s melodic vocals convey the pain and struggle including how she lost part of herself after her father’s death in 1995 and how she uses music to cope with that. Music video for “Like a Fly On the Wall” The sultry singer/songwriter is continuing on her journey of collaboration and connecting with her audience, growing her brand and continuing to create dope soulful music for her listeners. “Like a Fly on the Wall” will be released on YouTube and across all the usual streaming platforms on June 10, 2022. Grab a copy and add this track to your playlists. Social Media Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/sagethegoddess/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/sage_the_artist Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sage_the_artist/ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSbpc6_xHEfk7uGANGduJEg?view_as=subscriber Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/sagethegoddess TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@_sage_the_artist The post SAGÉ releases new single “Like a Fly On the Wall” appeared first on Singersroom.com. […]

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