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Legendary producer Glyn Johns claims The Who were one of the first ever bands to play to a synthesizer


Industry expert Glyn Johns has said that The Who was one of the first bands to ever use and record a synthesizer.

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Said during a recent interview, Johns explains the difficulties bands in the 1960s and 1970s had towards working with a click. He also reveals his philosophy towards mic’ng a drum kit.

Over the past sixty years, Glyn Johns has become renowned as one of the most influential music producers of all time, working with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Eric Clapton and many more.

Now, speaking with Johnnie Walker as part of the BBC radio show, Sounds Of The 70s last Sunday (August 7), the iconic producer has described The Who as being one of the very first bands to record to a synthesizer – stating that this is what set them apart from other bands at the time.

“It was an astonishing example of the skill of the band and the energy of the band, playing to the rhythm that the synthesizers created,” he insists, reflecting upon his time working with the members on their fifth album, Who’s Next.

“Up until that point of time, very very few people ever used a click for the drummer to play to, so if you listen to some of the records that we made in the ’60s and even in the very early ’70s, they inevitably speed up [as the song progresses]! Very few drummers found it easy to play with a click when it first happened,” he continues. “In the case of Won’t Get Fooled Again, it’s mind-boggling how Keith Moon, who plays like a mad bull in a china shop, managed to stay in time with the synthesizer which was providing this regimented time.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Johns also reflects upon how he achieved his signature way of micing up a drum kit.

A method that would later become known jokingly as the “Glyn Johns drum sound”, the music developer insists that simplicity is key when it comes to achieving desirable drum audio. Stating that too many people overcomplicate their methods in modern-day recordings, he says his approach to capturing the right sound was always “incredibly simple”

“Like anything I do, it was incredibly simple. The sound [of all of the drums that I produced], we got that with three or four microphones, whereas now the tendency is to use a multitude of microphones.”

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On The Celebrity Looks from Inside Beyonce’s Top Secret Club Renaissance Party!


Visit to see the hottest celebrity looks at Beyonce’s album launch party and get the full fashion tea!

Photo: Backgrid

Claire gives insider style details from looks worn by celebrity guests to the event held over the weekend at EDITION Hotels in NYC. The invite-only Studio 54 themed celebration welcomed attendees to show up in their glitziest, most extravagant attire. Some names who stopped by the event include Tyler Perry, Janelle Monae, Trevor Noah, Donald Glover and more!

Photo: Backgrid

See more snapshots at

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Korg & Reverb Disappoint Hundreds With Faulty Opsix Promotion


Korg’s Opsix synth promotion on leaves dozens of musicians, music producers, keyboardists terribly disappointed…

The post Korg & Reverb Disappoint Hundreds With Faulty Opsix Promotion appeared first on FutureMusic the latest news on future music technology DJ gear producing dance music edm and everything electronic.

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Spiritual Word releases new collection of clothing inspired by Hip-Hop and Christianity 


At the intersection of culture and Christianity is Spiritual Word (SW), a globally-recognized digital leader that bridges the gap between pop culture, black excellence and God’s word. The unique mission of the innovative company is to engage their readership multiple times daily on Instagram, where they live; posting content ranging from celebrity news to inspirational quotes rooted in biblical principles. Boasting over 2.4M followers with posts receiving 100k+ likes as well as garnering thousands of robust comments, SW has become the trusted go-to online destination for the millennial and gen z set.  

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the burgeoning multi-media empire includes a presence on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and a website that offers spiritually-themed apparel and merchandise. The unique and influential brand has solidified its positioning within the black community as a swift and reliable sourcing outlet that celebrates cultural nuances. As a result, SW is one of the most cited news sources dominating the internet. From reposts by celebrities, national news blogs and daytime tv talk shows, to reporting trending topics and curating viral video moments, the broad view of media and entertainment is what keeps viewers consistently tapped in. 

In between a relevant mix of must-click headline entertainment stories are uplifting messages designed to inspire and be a spiritual recharge for SW’s impressionable young audience. And based on the power of their diverse cult following, SW carries a tremendous monetary value and the market recognizes it. Individuals have successfully launched and boosted their careers using the marketing arm of SW. Companies have sold out of products and ticketed events within minutes of an announcement on their IG page.

The platform has also been able to maximize its popularity by creating strategic partnerships with established brands that encompass music (Roc Nation, Quality Control Music, Capitol Records, Republic Records, LVRN, Motown, Sirius XM… Read More

Prueba De Reverberación Crystalline De Baby Audio


Sometimos a Crystalline a una evaluación a largo plazo con un equipo de cinco revisores (sus comentarios se encuentran entre comillas a continuación) y determinamos que Crystalline se destaca en un mercado plugin de reverberación muy concurrido…

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10 Black-Owned Shoe Brands with Styles Under $500: SybG, Jessica Rich, Tejahn Burnett and More!


You ask, we answer! Crystal from Stockton California writes, “Why don’t none of these black shoe designers make a shoe you can purchase for under $200? I wanna support my black people but damn Gina, I gotta spend $500?”

Here to satisfy your shoe lust and introduce you to some black-owned businesses while we’re at it, Fashion Bomb Daily has just what you need, Crystal! Without further ado, here are 10 black footwear designers worth every dollar spent:


Available at the Fashion Bomb Daily Shop, SybG is a bombshell favorite thanks to their unique and sexy styles at a price point below $200! Sybille Guichard makes luxury affordable.

Get the look: $139 SybG by Sybille Guichard Always Strapped Pewter Gray Sandals

Jessica Rich

Critically acclaimed and known for their vibrant color choices, Jessica Rich is coming to the Fashion Bomb Daily Shop very soon! These shoes are a must-add to your footwear collection.

Get the look: $275 Jessica Rich Platform Sandal

Salone Monet

For every complexion, warm, cool or neutral, Salone Monet specialized in nude footwear options at a cost you can’t beat.

Get the look: $295 Salone Monet Sable Paul

Brother Vellies

Toronto-born designer Aurora James created Brother Vellies as a sustainable shoe label rooted in traditional African design practices! They offer everything from sneakers to high heels, mules, boots, flats and more all at varying prices.

Get the look: $315 Brother Veilles Jogger in Negril

Sunni Sunni 

Sunni Sunni is a high-end mens footwear line that co… Read More

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster Spied Out in London in Pink and Black Hand Embellished Fall 2007 Comme Des Garcons Top and Skirt


Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster hit London Town, with Stormi in a casual ensemble, and mom Kylie in a pink and black archival look by Comme des Garcons:

London, UNITED KINGDOM – Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi seen leaving Harrod’s London after enjoying afternoon tea and a private shopping trip.

Pictured: Kyline Jenner


USA: +1 310 798 9111 / [email protected]

UK: +44 208 344 2007 / [email protected]

*UK Clients – Pictures Containing Children
Please Pixelate Face Prior To Publication*

The head turning ensemble hails from the brand’s Fall 2007 collection. The look features hands the appear to encroach on Kylie’s chest and hips. Her jacket was last spied on for $1,470; her skirt for $1,650.

They look great!

London, UNITED KINGDOM – Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi seen leaving Harrod’s London after enjoying afternoon tea and a private shopping trip. Pictured: Kyline Jenner BACKGRID USA 4 AUGUST 2022 USA: +1 310 798 9111 / [email protected] UK: +44 208 344 2007 / [email protected] *UK Clients – Pictures Containing Children Please Pixelate Face Prior To Publication*

What say you?

It seems loads of celebs are shopping it up at for unique vintage looks. See what they have here.

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Lindell Audio’s LiN76 brings ’70s hardware compression into 2022


Swedish boutique developer Lindell Audio has unveiled the LiN76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier, a hardware emulation of the classic Universal Audio 1176 compressor. Promising to accurately channel the sonic character of vintage ’76-style FET compressors, the LiN76 is a lovingly made 19-inch unit— and a relatively affordable one too.

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One distinguishing facet of the LiN76 is its capacity to emulate the infamous All-Button mode; a technique discovered by accident that resulted in an aggressive, now-iconic sound used by engineers throughout the 1970s, achieved by pushing all four of the ratio selection buttons (4:1, 8:1, 12:1 and 20:1) in at once.

The product of this was a ratio somewhere between 12:1 and 20:1, with a district shift in bias points and a change in the unit’s attack and release times. The resulting compression curve subsequently created an overdriven tone, as well as a lag on the attack of initial transients, creating a distinct ‘punch’ and a particularly gritty, ‘explosive’ response to signals captured by overhead and room mics, particularly when it came to drums.

Lindell Audio said: “As a resident producer at Bohus Sound Recording in Kungälv, Sweden — itself boasting a long and prestigious history that is intrinsically linked to the Swedish recording industry— namesake Lindell Audio founder Tobias Lindell knows only too well what recording equipment works best, boutique or otherwise.

“It is hardly surprising, therefore, that the most classic and respected sounds of dynamic processors live on in Lindell Audio’s aptly-named LiN76, proudly designed in Sweden to recreate timbres and nuances of ’76-style FET compressors — backed by the Vintage Limiting Amplifier wording boldly blazoned across its no-nonsense front and back panels. Put it this way: with LiN76, it is even possible to replicate the infamous ‘all-button mode’ made famous by British recording engineers throughout the Seventies, reproducing a sound that is still popular today.”

The LiN76 carries the vintage aesthetic of 1970s into 2022 with style, weighing an impressive 8kg and boasting analogue VU metering with calibration screw on the rear panel, as well as pleasingly large silver knobs to control input and output levels as well as attack and release times. Its input and output sockets on the rear pa… Read More

Look of The Week of July 25, 2022: Jhene Aiko in Jacquemus, Usher in Rick Owens, Blac Chyna in a Custom Outfit and More


The end of July was jam-packed with endless style moments! We had to narrow it down to just a few, and the numbers don’t lie – here are the top looks from last week!

Jhené Aiko in Jacquemus

Photo: IG/Reproduction

Shortly after going public with their pregnancy, Jhene and Big Sean headed out together. Jhene stole the attention in her Fall-Winter 2022 Jacquemus dress, styled by Sam Woolf.

Photo: Alessandro Lucioni

Usher and Lori Harvey

Photo: IG/Reproduction

Lori Harvey made her way to Usher’s Vegas show sporting a 2001 Gucci x Tom Ford top, $2,690 black leather skinny pants by YSL, a $725 Balenciaga loop cuff and a pair of $725 Balenciaga cagole ankle lambskin booties. Usher wore Rick Owens from head to toe .

Tia Mowry in Staud

Photo: IG/Reproduction

In a fluorescent pink dress by Staud, Tia Mowry posed in an Instagram reel! Get your’s below:

Get the look: $325 Staud Calypso Cut-Out Maxi Dress

Keke Palmer in David Koma

Photo: Getty Images

The Nope… Read More

Today’s Loldle Classic, Ability, Splash Solution & Answer 27, Aug 2


What is and how do play Loldle Classic ?

Loldle is a League of Legends guessing game (created by Reddit user named Pimeko).  To play, head over to the loldle website. You will then select which mode you want to play.

Today’s Wordle Word Of The Day Hints & Answer 
Figgerits Answers All Levels .

For classic, you’ll simply guess champion names, and the game will tell you how close you are. Here are the criteria that you are judged on.

Range Type
Release Year

Today’s Loldle Classic, Ability, Splash Solution & Answer 27, Aug 2
Classic Hints :

She just received a Star Guardian skin
Her full potential is unlocked when synergizing with a teammate.

Classic Answer :


Hero Ability Icon  Hints

The ultimate duelist; who dashes and deals true damage.
She’s one of the best characters. Okay I know that’s not a hint, but she’s one of my favs.

Hero Ability Icon  answer :

Fiora’s Lunge.

Splash Art Hints

An animal with siblings who are also on the rift.
This champion serves as an augment in Teamfight Tactics.

Splash Art answer :

Ornn, his original skin.

Quote Hints :

She was once an inanimate object, but now she is menace on the rift.
League quote: “No stitching that back together.“
This champion is quite sharp

Quote answer :

 Kog’Maw, “Time to feast!”

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