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Best Microphones With USB Connection


Finding the microphones with USB connections nowadays can be a bit tricky. There is so much to choose from and new models come out all the time. What if you’re looking for info on the best microphones with USB connections! Finding the best microphones with a USB connection is a challenge. With so many choices on the market, it is hard to know which microphones are best for you
By comparison, our pointers make it easy for you to narrow down the huge number of options in record time. You’ll know exactly what to look for and, more importantly, what you can leave out, putting your search in a whole different perspective. Think of us as a GPS for the tech-savvy shopping crowd. By providing in-depth reviews of all the latest mics on sale we make sure you get only the absolute best microphone.

Never get stuck on the side of the road or on an urban street without a parking space again! Just use our tips and pointers to find the microphones with USB connections for your needs. We have a full range of professional-grade microphones in stock at all times. Whether you’re off to work as a journalist or just want to make your next conference call more memorable, our wide selection offers you plenty of choices. You can find the top 5 mic options in our guides – or if you’re looking for a quick purchase for a small event or meeting, check out our Buying Guides!


1. USB Computer Microphone, Plug &Play Desktop Omnidirectional Condenser PC Laptop Mic, Mute Button with LED Indicator

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Our new generation of USB condenser microphones will deliver stunning studio-quality recordings. Based on our own sound research and inspired by the most advanced studio condensers, this microphone eliminates background noise and reduces the reflections.
Experience the most vivid 360 degrees sound field with the highest dynamic range you have ever heard after months of using the best microphones with USB connections in the USA. You can exchange these microphones for free within 2 years! A USB computer mic is a plug-and-play microphone that has a mute button for your convenience.

This lightweight desktop microphone has a 26 ft cable that you can use with your laptop, PC, Mac, or any device with the standard 3.5mm jack. There are no drivers to fiddle with – just plug it in, and it’s ready for you to start communicating via voice through your computer. With its omnidi… Read More

Eudoxie Attends the ‘Fast and Furious 9’ Premiere in LA With Ludacris Wearing PatBo Blue-Green Ombré Cutout Maxi Dress


Over the weekend, the Fast and Furious 9 premiere went down in Los Angeles! Ludacris and Eudoxie attended the movie’s premiere as Ludacris returned for his role as Tej Parker. While Ludacris kept it dapper in a blue suit, Eudoxie appeared at the event in support of her husband in a blue-green metallic-look dress that perfectly complimented Ludacris’s look.

Eudoxie wore PatBo’s $1,100 ombré cutout maxi dress. The dress features many sexy elements including a plunging v-neckline along with a cutout detail on the sides and an open-back component as well. It appears in blue-green ombré pattern in a lurex fabric to achieve a metallic, aquatic-like look. She allowed the dress to steal the show with minimal jewelry, soft glam and simplistic body waves. Her look was styled by Paris Libby.

Such a beautiful couple! Will you be watching the upcoming Fast and Furious film?

Photos: Getty

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5 Plants To Get If You Want  A Colourful Garden


Are you pondering on starting your own garden? Do you want to have a garden that will make your neighbours head turn. As long as you get the right plants, then your garden will make you feel like you are visiting the beautiful sophisticated fields of Europe.

How can you make your garden look sophisticated and extremely pleasing to the eyes? By choosing the right plants of course! There are many plants to choose from when it comes to creating your landscape. However, for beginners, you need to choose the best plants that can be easily taken care of.

What are the best plants that are easy to take care of yet they can add a pop of color in your garden? Here are the best choices for those who are not as familiar with gardening or for those who claim that they have a “brown thumb” 


Hydrangeas is a shrub with those flowers that you imagine walking in while in the fields. Its flowers are bundled up in a circle and can be breathtaking when you see it in a garden. Its colors can vary from pink, purple, blue, green and white.

It should be placed under partial shade or full sun. Its soil also has to be moist, it needs to be watered thrice (3) a week. It is not difficult to take care of Hydrangeas however you still need to know how to properly thrive to maximize its flower blooms. Click Here to know more about hydrangeas and how to grow them in your garden.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant is a succulent with leaves that has different colors such as yellow, cream, and green. It does not need a lot of watering and can survive dry weather, it has the same attributes as a cacti yet it does not look like a cacti.

It is widely popular among people as it is low maintenance plus it can add a color to your garden. It is also popular indoors and it is placed in a pot, if you are interested in indoor plants instead. Leaving it be will not kill it, no need to water it frequently or even weekly. 


Aglaoenema is another plant you can choose if you want a pop of color. It is easy to take care of it as well. Its soil, however, needs to be moist all the time and this plant cannot survive the dry unlike Snake Plants. The good thing is, this plant will not be overwatered. Just make sure you pour water in it and do not forget to sprinkle some water on its leaves as well so it will create an illusion that it is in a humid area.


Its colors can be red, yellow, green, and c… Read More

Best Speakers for Conference Calls


Conference calls allow for richer discussions than regular chat, but are not the easiest things to manage. Conferences calls can be a nightmare, even boring. With muted speakers and earphones getting tangled up or falling apart.
Not everyone is a trained public speaker. Some of us are good with presentations or even when doing one-on-one meetings, but we tend to stumble when using conference calls. Unless you want your audience to fall asleep during your next business conference call, you need to buy a speaker with the right specifications. Not all speakers are created equal. While some are built for audio clarity, others make your speech sound more upbeat and exciting.

Do you need the best speakers? We can help! Our best speakers for conference calls will make sure all your representatives are clear about their role and know what to say. It’s time to remove the fear from holding conference calls! What are you waiting for? Select our best speakers and book a 15-minute call with one of our experts today. But then you know all about us, don’t you? We design the speakers for conference calls in the world. Our technology makes it easy to connect up to 35 client devices without a backhaul network. So say goodbye to annoying tangles, bland sound, and dodgy connections; hello to hassle-free conference calls.

1. Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Softphone and Mobile Phone – Easy Setup, Portable Speaker for Holding Meetings

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This portable and easy to set up Jabra Speak 510 is a wireless, Bluetooth speaker for softphones and mobile phones that allows you to speak and be heard easily during conference calls. It has outstanding sound quality so you can always be heard easily and clearly on the other end of the line.
The neat control panel features an LED indicator, a mute button, a volume button with 4 levels of volume control, as well as buttons for power on-off-, pairing-and Bluetooth so that everything is within easy reach Jabra Speak 510 is a portable wireless speaker for softphones or mobile phones with built-in echo and noise cancellation and wideband HD sound.
Conveniently clipping into a pocket or placing it on the conference table, it lets you effortlessly have hands-free phone calls anywhere, anytime while providing great audio quality. Its rechargeable battery gives up to 11 hours of talk time. Jabra Speak 510 is an ultra-portable wireless speaker that l… Read More

Prueba De Eventide Rose


Eventide ha creado una potencia de pedal de retardo en el Rose que realmente se distingue de otros competidores en su campo abarrotado, y eso no es tarea fácil…

The post Prueba De Eventide Rose appeared first on FutureMusic the latest news on future music technology DJ gear producing dance music edm and everything electronic.

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Who Wore it Better? Trina Slays Verzuz Battle in the Same Red and Orange Laquan Smith Spring 2021 Look Previously Worn by Kylie Jenner


Trina blessed last night’s @verzuztv battle wearing the same Laquan Smith Spring 2021 look (styled by @kcavallrii_ ) previously worn by Kylie Jenner .

While Trina accessorized with Christian Louboutin pumps and layered necklaces…

 Kylie Jenner opted for a clear Yeezy pump.

 Who wore it better ?

Images: Courtesy / @TheRealSPW

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5 Actors Who’d Love to Play the Role of James Bond Villain


The James Bond movie franchise is an icon one, and these 5 actors have all said that they’d love to star in one of the films – but they aren’t interested in the main Bond role and are actually attracted to the role of a villain. Perhaps hoping to try a new kind of role or just a huge fan of the ‘James Bond’ films, these actors are all keen to play the baddie on screen!


Daniel Radcliffe

An insider revealed that the ‘Harry Potter’ actor aspires to land a role as a bad guy in a Bond film: ”Daniel thinks he would be an excellent villain in the Bond films. He loves the franchise but admires the villains as much as Bond. He feels he could appear as a modern bad guy, an evil mastermind who wants to take down MI5. He may not have the physique to take on Daniel Craig, but his broody acting can make him a menace. And like the old Bond films, he hopes the role may be recurring.”

John Travolta

John would love to play a different kind of Bond villain: “I would love that. They’re going a different way with their villain in this next film but I’ve spoken to Barbara Broccoli about it and she loves the idea, so that would be great.”

Kevin Spacey

Kevin thinks being a Bond villain would be a fun role to take on: “I would hope [Bond producers] the Broccolis agree [that I would make a good Bond villain] and that Sam is going to do the next one. That would be a lot of fun. I adore him. I had some of the most seminal experiences of my career with him, both a decade ago with American Beauty and last year with Richard III [at the Old Vic]. It would be sublime to work with him again. It doesn’t surprise me he has had such a big success with Bond.”


Dwayne Johnson
<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-109986" src="" alt="the rock" … Read More

Fashion Bomb Men: A$AP Rocky Attends 2021 Tribeca Film Festival for Premiere of His Documentary ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ in Celine Black Suit and Bottega Veneta Leather Shoes


Fashion Bomb Men flash! Rapper and all-around fashionisto A$AP Rocky attended the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of his documentary Stockholm Syndrome, donning a well-tailored suit and designer shoes.

For the premiere, A$AP rocky wore a Celine Homme double-breasted suit paired with $860 Bottega Veneta “Derby” leather shoes. As for that standout pearl piece around his neck, it is the 18kt White Gold and White South Sea Pearl Lariat necklace by Galt and Bro. He also opted for pearl rings for his remaining accessories along with a braided hairstyle to complete his look. His look was styled by Matthew Henson.


Photos: @thehapablonde

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Bram Bos confirms iOS reboot of the HammerHead Rhythm Station of 1997


Software developer Bram Bos has confirmed the reincarnation of his 1997 drum machine, HammerHead Rhythm Station. The beloved beatmaking software will return as an iOS app this month with some features fit for modern music production.

READ MORE: Is Bram Bos’ free HammerHead Rhythm Station getting an update after 24 years?

Bram Bos tweeted out a demo clip of the new HammerHead in action, elaborating on the new features. “Hammerhead will let you trigger entire patterns using MIDI as if they’re sampled loops (clip launching!)”, reads the tweet. “Except they still adapt to tempo changes and mutations”. Check out the clip below.

Here's something fun. Hammerhead will let you trigger entire patterns using MIDI as if they're sampled loops (clip launching!). Except they still adapt to tempo changes and mutations etc. #June17 #HammerheadDay

— Bram Bos (@bram_bos) June 10, 2021

Synth and music app creator, Matthew Fecher of AudioKit Pro, has also spoken about the new software drum machine. It appears he’s been testing it out ahead of the launch, stating that “the upcoming app from Bram is epic. Better than any of us could have hoped. Nostalgic and modern, it’s the pinnacle of usability on the iPhone.”

Since @cdmblogs already leaked it-I’ll just say that the upcoming app from Bram is epic. Better than any of us could have hoped. Nostalgic and modern, it’s the pinnacle of usability on the iPhone. #DrumMachineJoy

— Matthew Fecher (@analogMatthew) June 10, 2021

Bram Bos has kept further details of HammerHead on the down-low until 17 June. It’s likely to be released under his Ruismaker brand, which is home to music-making apps such as WOOTT, Rozeta, Mononoke and more.

The original HammerHead Rhythm Machine of 1997 featured sounds inspired by Roland drum machines in a range of genres. The software also featured a collection of drum breaks for hip-hop, jungle, breakbeat, and other genres known for their incorporation of dusty beats. Here’s a clip of the classic drum machine in its prime.

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