Salma Hayek Shares Her Most Important Beauty Tips


At 49, Salma Hayek looks gorgeous. The actress has shared the beauty tips that she always swears by on a daily basis, explaining that her two most important rules are quite simple ones to follow: don’t go to sleep without taking your makeup off, and don’t over-pluck your eyebrows. She commented that she will always remove her makeup no matter how she feels:

“No matter how bad my habits are I always take my make-up off before bed. Even if I’m exhausted or sick I take it off. I don’t pluck my eyebrows for 90 percent of the year but one thing I always do is take my make-up off.”

Salma has a young daughter named Valentina who is only eight and is already a talented makeup artist. Salma explains that Valentina often gets requests and she has picked up many makeup artist secrets from the talented glam squad her mother works with:

“She is so good with make-up. So, so good that I have an assistant that sometimes asks her to do her make-up before she goes out. She’s done my make-up and she’s really, really good! I have the opportunity to work with great make-up artists and she’s watching them like a hawk.”

She may be strict with her beauty regime, but Salma admits she won’t stop herself from eating what she wants and she often lacks the motivation to hit the gym:

“I have the bad habit of not exercising and not eating healthy food. I have the bad habit of liking wine and cocktails. I’m sometimes lazy with the maintenance. Altogether it’s a lot of work.”


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Best Ableton Plugins: Top 9 VST’s


Ableton is unlike any other DAW you can get your hands on these days. Many producers are drawn to it due to its impressive functionality and efficient workflow. It helps the user to explore the bounds of their creativity and dive into new musical ideas. For this reason, Ableton is among the most powerful DAWs on the market today.

The plugins that are included in Ableton Live are a great starting point for any music producer, but there are tons more plugins that can be combined with these to really enhance your production process. We’re going to look at what we consider to be the best plugins for Ableton to add to your collection.

Top 9 Ableton Plugins

Xfer Records Serum (Best Synthesizer)FabFilter Saturn (Best Saturator)Waves H-Delay (Best Delay)SoundRadix SurferEQ2 (Best EQ)UAD Classic Limiter Collection (Best Compressor)Waves Center (Best Stereo Spreader)Valhalla VintageVerb (Best Reverb)Waves Smack Attack (Best Transient Shaper)Dadalife Sausage Fattener (Bonus)

1. Best Synthesizer – Xfer Records Serum

Synthesizer - Xfer Records Serum VST Ableton

Ableton Live has a pretty good selection of VST instruments and synthesizers, but you may want access to a bigger collection of sounds. If that’s the case, you should check out the Xfer Records Serum wavetable synthesizer. It got a lot of attention when it was first introduced years ago because of its unique ability to minimize aliasing. If aliasing is not a term you’re familiar with, just think of inharmonic artifacts that come along with digital audio. With the Xfer Records Serum, you can avoid the unfortunate high-end distortion that virtual synthesizers typically give you. This means you end up with a much more realistic sound than you’ll get with the majority of VST synths currently available.

You’ll find A and B oscillators that you can see in 2D or 3D with the help of an advanced wavetable engine. You have the ability to blend these waveforms through the use of spectral morphing, standard crossfading, or harmonic morphing. If you are a synth aficionado and like to develop your sounds from scratch, you’ll appreciate this tool.

This plugin has a number of exciting features, including a filter module, a third oscillator for sub sounds, an editable graph dis… Read More

Behringer Debuts RD-9 Hype Video For Their Roland TR-909 Clone


Behringer has premiered a new video showcasing their upcoming RD-9, a Roland TR-909 clone…

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Websites For Free MIDI Files


Looking for free MIDI files? FutureMusic scoured the Internet to find all the best libraries of #free #MIDI files out there. Yeah, we love you too!

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10 Cheap Drum Sets Under $1000 : Budget and Premium Picks


Wanna make your own drum set at home? Or want to buy the best drum set under 1000 to start amazing musical journey? Worrying about how much it will cost and how many drums you will need? No more worries!

We’re here for you. Our team of experts has researched, compared and tested drums of all kinds. So now we’re totally ready to help you cut through the hype, fluff and outright lies that litter the web – and we know exactly what’s required for a beginner to get started, choose the best drum set under 1000 and be ready to rock out in no time.

Our guide offers exclusive tips on choosing the best beginner drum set, cheap drum set, intermediate drum sets etc.

1. Mapex ST5295FIC Storm Rock 22″ Bass Drum 5-piece Drum Set w/Hardware – Camphor Wood Grain w/Chrome

Check This On Amazon

Do you take a long time to pick out your drum set? Good news, the ST5295FIC is an industry standard 22 inch bass drum size with a 5 piece drum set. Even better news, this drum set comes complete with quality hardware and cymbals. If you are still wondering what drum set to choose, click buy on the right side of screen. The Mapex ST5295FIC is a fine choice for both parents and students alike.

2. PDP By DW 7-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack with Chrome Hardware Pearlescent White

PDP Concept Maple Shell Pack

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Introducing the DW Concept Maple Shell Pack with Chrome Hardware drum set from drum Workshop featuring 100% maple shells. Perfect for entry-level drummers, the complete package includes a kick drum, snare, 2 toms and 3 cymbals. This shell pack is an excellent choice for the drummer who wants to be part of one of the most prestigious drum companies on the planet without spending a fortune. The DW Concept Maple Shell Pack with Chrome Hardware features 7-ply premium maple shells with oversized, triple flanged counter hoops, DS7000 hardware as well as cool reverse dot engraved drums in Black

3. Ddrum DD BETA PRO Electronic Drum Set with 16GB Card and Accessory Bundle

Drum Set with Accessory Bundle

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Gigi Hadid Rarely Wears Full Makeup & Hates Facials



Top model Gigi Hadid, who just made her debut for Victoria’s Secret, has commented on her beauty regime. She likes to keep her skincare and makeup regime simple, and rarely wears a full face of makeup. Gigi explains that while many of her friends put in so much effort to wear makeup, she rarely does and says she doesn’t have the energy required to apply perfect makeup every day:

“I wish I had the energy to do full makeup, honestly; like, there are people that I’m even friends with that are in full beauty, outfit, everything looks every single day, and I wish I had that energy. I just don’t.”

She reveals that since becoming a beauty ambassador for brand Maybelline, she has been trying to be more adventurous with her beauty choices:

“Since I became the face of [Maybelline], I’m trying to be more adventurous I’d say. Especially on the red carpet and stuff, I’m trying to spice it up.”

When it comes to beauty treatments, Gigi admits she really hates facials and finds the idea of them frightening:

“I hate facials—like, I’m so scared of them. I just don’t want someone touching my face. I get claustrophobic.”

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Bass Chorus Pedal – Top Picks & Buying Guide


Unsatisfied with your bass solos? Are you tired of the same old boring amps with their boring sounds? Then, my friend, it’s time to step up and experience the extra dimension that only a CHORUS EFFECT can bring, transforming your guitar playing into a rich shimmering soundscape. When you need a rich, shimmering chorus sound, your guitar needs something else: a bass chorus pedal .

It makes a bass guitar solo sound like a million bucks. No, it’s not the thousand-dollar bass guitar. It’s that richness on that extra lower octave.

It helps you to your set-up and watch your baselines be fuller than ever. Rich, shimmering chorus sound you can control with our clip-on pedal. This new product adds more than just vocal-like texture to your bass guitar solos, it also gives you several deep bass preset sounds that are ideal for any kind of music.

It is ideal for bass players or anyone who wants that rich shimmering chorus sound. You can control the effect speed with the Rate slider and there’s a Depth control for adjusting the amount of modulation – from subtle to churning seas. And whether you want just a touch of atmosphere or searing lead sounds, the Chorus Ensemble has something for you.

1. BOSS WAZA Craft Chorus Guitar Pedal (CE-2W)

bass chorus pedal

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9 Best Vocoder Plugins for Vocal Mayhem


One of the most interesting and long-standing vocal effects is that of the vocoder. Though they have been around since the 1930s, they only became popular in the music realm during the 1970s. Funk musicians were using these pieces of hardware to synthesize the human voice. It’s one of the most instantly recognizable sounds around, helping to give the human voice an alien or robot-like quality.

Saoftware Vocoders are great for adding a bit of width and edge to performances that are a bit dull otherwise. Whether you want to add some vowel sounds to your instruments, get experimental with tuned percussion, or pull some otherworldly tones out of your leads, here are the best vocoder VST plugins on the market to help you do so.

Top 9 Vocoder Plugins

Soundtoys Little AlterBoySONiVOX Vocalizer ProiZotope VocalSynth 2XILS Lab XILS Vocoder 5000Image Line VocodexMeldaProduction MVocoderTAL TAL-VocoderXILS Lab XILS V+Zynaptiq ORANGE VOCODER

1. Soundtoys Little AlterBoy

Soundtoys Little AlterBoy

The Little AlterBoy plugin from Soundtoys gives you a lot of room to explore creatively with your sounds. Little AlterBoy gives you … Read More

Les Hommes Delivers Modern & Chic Fall


Les Hommes Delivers Modern & Chic FallLes Hommes designers Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch borrow elements from tailoring and sportswear for their fall-winter 2021 men’s collection. The sleek lineup comes together in a lookbook that features David Trulik. The top model takes to a contemporary setting to connect with photographer Zeb Daemen and stylist Ivan Bontchev. David embodies the modern Les… [Read More]… Read More

Universal Audio Gets Into Guitar Pedal Game


Universal Audio has just announced UAFX, their first line of effects pedals…

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