Death By Audio Releases Space Bender


Death By Audio unleashes the Space Bender Guitar Pedal, a chorus modulator replicates and warps your signal into beautiful and organic transmissions from a dimension somewhere beyond linear time…

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Monitor engineer keeps working through live show during allergic reaction


A monitor engineer recently continued working through his set whilst suffering an allergic reaction from a wasp sting. He carried on through the show with zero downtime while attached to a drip and the band never even knew.

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The engineer was working for Sting – go figure – on his My Songs tour when the incident occurred. Joe Sumner, musician and son of Sting, spoke about the bravery of the engineer in a post on Facebook. He wrote, “Tour Heroes. Today we pay tribute to our monitor engineer the Great Xavier Gendron. Yesterday, during the performance in Mainz he was stung by a wasp directly inside his left ear. That’s a painful problem for any sound engineer to deal with but X is also allergic to these little fuckers. As he continued to run monitors for the show his throat started closing up. Our intrepid stage manager was able to rustle up a team of medics to give him a shot to suppress the allergic reaction and then they attached a drip to keep him going.”

He concluded, “Here he is adjusting levels while the stage manager holds the drip up. In total this incident resulted in zero downtime.  He kept going and only complained in French. The band wasn’t even aware anything had happened till after the show. That’s some serious pro shit right there. The show must go on!”

Tour Heroes. Today we pay tribute to our monitor engineer the Great Xavier Gendron. Yesterday, during the performance in…

Posted by Joe Sumner on Monday, July 25, 2022

Responding to concerned fans in the comments section, Sumner’s reassures that “the medics are not in this picture. But believe me they were right there keeping an eye out.”

He adds in response to another comment that it was “[Gendron’s] choice to continue. I am giving him credit for his fighting spirit, not setting a baseline expectation that health concerns should be ignored.”

Sumner and the Sting crew have come under fire from fans online, with one commenter saying: “This is bullshit. Your tour manager should have stepped in and sent this dude to the hospital. I’m sure you could have lived with the mix that was up for the rest of the show or the venue’s tech could have muddled his way through it. Completely irresponsible. Dude could lose his hearing, his livelihood.”

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MultiVersus Guide: Best Batman Combos


There are many characters in MultiVersus, but not all of them are as well-known as Batman. With his iconic Batarang, Bat-Grapple, the Dark Knight can combine those items to create a chain of unique attacks in a variety of ways. So, if you’re thinking about making Batman your new main character or just want to give him a shot, check out the list of MultiVersus best Batman combos below.

Multiversus Guide: Best Superman Combos
Multiversus Best Characters Tier List

Multiversus Best Batman Combos

These are some of the chains that make up the Batman combos:

Bat-Bomb Grapple Combo – Ground Special, Air Attack, Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Special (Side), Ground Special (Up)
Bat-Bomb Standard Combo – Ground Special, Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Special (Up)
Launch Combo – Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Special (Up)
Multi-Hit Launch Combo – Charged Ground Attack, Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Special (Up)
Reverse Multi-Hit Combo – Ground Special, Air Attack, Air Attack (Side), Ground Attack, Ground Attack (Down), Ground Special (Up)

Bat-Bomb Grapple Combo

To begin the Multiversus Best Batman Combos guide, we’ll look at the Bat-Bomb Grapple Combo. You can use it to stun your opponents and prevent them from attacking by combining the and the Bat-Bomb.

Input on PC: K key, Space, J key, J key + A/D key, J key + A/D key, J key + A/D key, K key + A/D key, K key + W key
Input on Xbox: Y button, A button, X button, X button + left stick side, X button + left stick side, X button + left stick side, Y button + left stick side, Y button + left stick up
Input on PlayStation: triangle button, X button, square button, square button + left stick side, square button + left stick side, square button + left stick side, triangle button + left stick side, triangle button + left stick up

Bat-Bomb Standard Combo

The combo will plant a Bat-Bomb on your opponent first. This allows you to deliver a second strike and then juggle after the bomb explodes.

Multiversus Best Batman Combos 2

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COD Mobile How To Get Eagle Eye Medal


Call of Duty: Mobile has a number of ways for players to track their progress, such as scorestreaks and various medals. As of this writing, the battle royale title has over 86 medals, one of which is the Eagle Eye Medal. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the COD Mobile Eagle Eye medal and how to obtain it.

COD Mobile – How To Earn Eagle Eye Medal

The Eagle Eye medal on COD Mobile can be obtained by completing a kill in Battle Royale mode from 75 meters or more away using a weapon without a scope. It should be noted that this medal is only available in Warfare mode. They must complete this task in COD Mobile’s Blackout or Isolated maps.

Getting a kill on an enemy from more than 75 meters away without a scope is difficult. However, by following the tips below, players can complete the task relatively quickly:

Play in the solo lobby where the chances of encountering bots are much higher. Bots are much easier to take down than actual players.
Once you have located your potential targets, you can mark them to make sure they are 75 meters or further away.
Use high magazine weapons like LMGs or marksman rifles like the SKS.
Instead of floor and crate loots, try to get kills with weapons from the loadout drop that have a more accurate build.

After killing a player from the specified distance, the Eagle Eye medal will appear on the screen and be added to your medal collection. From the main menu, players can see how many medals they have in their achievement profile.

Call of Duty: Mobile Wiki

Call of Duty: Mobile

CODM logo.png

TiMi Studio


Call of Duty


Android, iOS

October 1, 2019



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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leaks Roundup


There have been numerous Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks, including information on the gameplay, brand-new Pokemon, their typings, and battle tactics that are only available in this game. All of the rumors we’re talking about below have the potential to reveal a ton of information about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Click away right now if you don’t want to know anything about the upcoming game!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Alleged Leaks
List All 62 Legendary Pokémon By Generation – [Gen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ]

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leaks – Pokemon

More images of new Pokémon.

The first image is a new gimmick.

— Centro LEAKS (@CentroLeaks) July 12, 2022

Known Pokemon Information


Final evolution will be Fire/Ghost
The final evolution will be rockstar themed
Final Evolution’s signature move will be sound based
Leg count will be 2 2 4
The final evolution will be an alligator, which will ruin the Fire starter Zodiac theme.


Gender differences will emerge in the evolution of Lechonk.


Will be three-stage
Final stage will be Electric/Fighting
This evolution will include a 1PP move that allows you to resurrect a party member.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leaks 2

Final evolution will be a Water/Fighting
The final evolution will be dancer themed
Leg count will be 2 2 2


Will have an evolution that resembles an olive tree.


Final evolution will be Grass/Dark
The final evolution will be magic themed
Leg count will be 4 2 2

New Pokemon Forms/Evolutions

Some new Pokemon based on leaked screenshots include:

Beetle Pokemon

Based on a dung beetle
Will be two-stage

Bike Pokemon (That’s not the box legendaries)
Coin Pokemon
Chili Pepper Pokemon
Crab Pokemon
Dolphin Pokemon

“Has a big surprise”

Earthworm Pokemon
Fairy Pokemon
Fire Pokemon

Will be three-stage

Flamingo Pokemon

Will be one-stage
Will be Flying/Fighting

Ghost Dog Pokemon

This will have an evolution

Hammer Pokemon

Will be two-stage
Will be pink in coloration
Will be Fairy + another type

Icicle Pokemon

Will be two-stage

New Grass/Fire Pokemon
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Claire’s Life: Receiving the Vision Community Foundation’s Avant Garde Gala Fashion Entrepreneurial Excellence Award Wearing A Pink Beaded Gert Johan Coetzee Dress


Happy Sunday!

Friday Night, I was blessed to be an honoree at the Vision Community Foundation’s Avant Garde themed Gala! The Vision Community Foundation is a religious organization geared towards the LGBTQIA+ community in Atlanta and beyond. They offer resources and education, with the goal of empowering marginalized communities to live healthy and productive lives.

I received an award for being an architect of Fashion and an Influential Serial Entrepreneur of Excellence! As I said in my speech, acknowledging someone’s hard work is validation–it gives them the confidence to create the life GOD intended for them. I was beyond honored!

The theme was Avant Garde, which in my opinion meant you could have fun with your ensemble! For the occasion, I wore a dress by South African designer Gert Johan Coetzee. Fun fact, Swanky Jerry from Young, Famous, and African helped to make this happen, connecting me to several South African designers, including Gert! He’s the bomb. I completed my look with Voyette Lee heels and sparkly earrings.

Before receiving my award, I said hey to my fellow awardees and attendees, including Marlo Hampton, Catherine Brewton, Bevy Smith, Mona Scott Young, and more!

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Moldover & Yaeltex Team For Mojito MIDI Controller


The Mojito is a compact, ergonomic, and versatile MIDI controller, built to embody Moldover’s approach to controllerism…

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Maelstrom slams music distribution platforms: “[The] end-goal of Spotify, Instagram, Facebook or SoundCloud (or even Bandcamp to some extent) isn’t to help us”


French producer Maelstrom has expressed scathing concerns about the “end-goals” of major music streaming platforms and distribution methods, stating his support for the “possibilities” in decentralised blockchain technology.

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He makes the comments during an interview with Resident Advisor.

Maelstrom – real name Mael Péneau – discusses the model of streaming giants and social media platforms such as Spotify, Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud, “even Bandcamp”, he says, before urging artists to look further afield at more artist-focussed, open-source models built on the blockchain.

The producer says: “The situation is extremely difficult. [The] end-goal of Spotify, Instagram, Facebook or SoundCloud (or even Bandcamp to some extent) isn’t to help us. Their end-goal is to make money. And to do so, they need us to work for free, and to give away all of our rights to control any of the data and art we’re generating for them.”

He goes on to praise the benefits of Web3: “What’s interesting to me is the possibility of deeper and more meaningful interactions between listeners and creators, where the border between both roles start to move a little, to shift, to change.”

However, Maelstrom adds that blockchain technology’s involvement in the music industry could “replace platform capitalism.” He insists that “it’s up to [artists] to try and use these alternatives, and shape them the way we want them to be (fair, transparent, permissionless).”

Also in the piece, acid house producer A Guy Called Gerald, who recently removed his music from Spotify, compares publishing music on the platform to “fighting against giants”. He says, “All I want to do is to put my music across to the people.”

Recently, peer-to-peer platforms such as Limewire and Napster have announced their return, while platforms such as Audius are offering a cryptocurrency-based alternative to streaming.

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Style Highlights from Jim Jones’ 46th Birthday: Mary J. Blige Dressed in Dior, Chrissy Lampkin in YSL, Jim Jones Wearing Louis Vuitton and More


It was a weekend of celebrations of Rapper Jim Jones who invited his closest celebrity friends to his 46th birthday bash! The party, held in New York, had a guest list that welcomed hip hop’s finest, such as Juelz Santana, Mary J. Blige, Fabulous and Fat Joe to name just a few. Not one invitee missed a single beat in the realm of style!

Here are all of the best looks from the night and where you can cop them for yourself, starting with the man of the hour in the latest Louis Vuitton menswear collection and his lady, Chrissy Lampkin, looking absolutely glorious in YSL!

Photo: IG/Reproduction

Get the look: $1,520 Louis Vuitton Printed Shirt and Tie

Photo: IG/Reproduction

Get the look: $2,990 Saint Laurent Rose Print Plunge Neck Long Sleeve Jersey Catsuit

Mary J. Blige was in the building, and her bright orange boxer-inspired look made it hard to miss her. The rare bralette, shorts and shirt combo from the Christian Dior SS22 collection is currently sold out on all US sites!

Photo: IG/Reproduction

Other attending stars like Fabulous arrived in Amiri, and Fat Joe sported a black, white and red paisley printed jacket by Sacai with Louis Vuitton shades.

Photo: IG/Reproduction

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Angela Simmons Slays the Matte Collection Runway Wearing SybgCo Clear On a Pedestal Sandals Available on


Angela Simmons ripped the runway for Matte Collection’s Miami Fashion Week show wearing a swimsuit by the brand and clear Sybgco Mules from

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A post shared by Fashion Bomb Daily (@fashionbombdaily)

The On a Pedestal Mules are a bestseller from Fashion Bomb Daily Shop! They are supremely comfortable, and come in clear, gold, black, and red:

If you love ’em, get them here. Shop Sybgco’s full selection here.

What do you think? Hot! or Hmm..?

Image: @ByCalvinD

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