5 Celebrities Who’ve Had Health Scares

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Having a brush with death, these 5 celebrities all dealt with serious health issues and have spoken on what happened to them and how they moved passed it. Some are lucky to be alive after what they went through, while others spoke about their condition in order to raise awareness and help others. Here is what they have to say about their own health scares.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl was struck down with malaria after a trip to Africa which almost killed her: “I just ate everything. The malaria also ate away at my muscles, but let’s not get grim – it opened my eyes to health and things I hadn’t focused on before. I was yellow because of my kidneys – it was a bit like jaundice. It was hard to find a matching foundation, let me tell you! I had to take good care of myself and I was told to stop exercising and to gain weight to get well.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth was suffering from several issues: “I was a mess. I was vitamin-D deficient, I had anaemia, I had thyroid issues, my liver was congested, I had hormonal imbalances and a benign tumour on my ovary that had to be removed – I mean, it was crazy. I knew it was time for change.”

Julianne Hough

Julianne suffered from a ruptured cyst on her ovary caused by endometriosis and although her management asked her to keep it quiet, she spoke about the condition: “Last week my management and the other people around me were trying to think of something else I could say that was wrong with me, but I was like, don’t worry. I want to be a good role model. I want to be honest. Maybe some girl out there won’t wait too long like I did. “I’m just glad I’m taking care of it now because I want to have babies some day.”

Rachel Hunter
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Robert Glasper says watching “genius” J Dilla “make a beat in 15 minutes was the most extraordinary thing”

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Esteemed producer and pianist Robert Glasper has shared his music-making stories with iconic late producer J Dilla and Grammy-winning vocalist Bilal. Glasper said that J Dilla’s 15-minute beatmaking routine was “the most extraordinary thing.”

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Recalling his introduction to Dilla in late 1999/early 2000 with Bilal, Robert Glasper tells MusicTech: “Me and Bilal were in college, living in New York. He did his demo in my dorm room. Jimmy Iovine (Interscope) signed him and the first producer they had him working with was Dilla. Bilal graciously brought me to Detroit.”

Glasper, Bilal and Dilla went on to create two tracks for Bilal’s debut album, 1st Born Second, released in 2001. One of them, Reminisce, can be heard on the album but the other is yet to see the light of day.

The three artists would spend a day in the studio, then listen to their work in Dilla’s Range Rover as they drove around Detroit. Glasper says that Dilla would then take a few ideas and add “a few bells and whistles for a few minutes” before heading back to the studio, tweaking the mix and printing off a CD from a console – kept by the door for such situations.

“When the night fell, we’d go to a club,” says Glasper. “[Dilla] would give the DJ the few things he thought were ideas and the DJ would play them, not mixed, not mastered, not nothing, just straight-up raw. In all kinds of clubs – I mean dancey clubs and I mean strip clubs.

“We would be on the side of the stage and we’d see the reaction of the audience, which is an amazing thing to do. That gives you a temperature, you know, if you’re going in the right direction or not. If you’re trying to rock a club, what better way to see if you’re on the right path than go watch ’em.”

Recalling the late-night session, Glasper continues: “I watched it happen in real time…Watching J Dilla make a beat in 15 minutes was one of the most extraordinary things. Someone’s process is where you can tell if they’re a genius or not.”

Glasper says that Dilla would pick several records out from his collection and ask Bilal: ‘If I put them together to make one bassline could you sing over it?’

“He’d pull four notes from one bassline, three notes from another, two from another still,” Glasper says. “What?! … Read More

Fashion Bomb Exclusive: RSVP to a Kanye West Jeen-Yuhs x SOB Physical Merch Drop

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SOBs, the iconic music venue and home to Kanye West’s first ever headline concert are collaborating with Jeen-Yuhs to celebrate their 40th anniversary with an exclusive rare physical merch drop via an immersive virtual reality experience only available Monday Feb 21st from Noon est to 2pm.

 RSVP is only available until 11pm est tonight and is required for entry.

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And if you haven’t checked out Jeen Yuhs on Netflix, it’s a must see! Catch a trailer below:

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Loz Goddard: “I used to set myself deadlines for EPs but now I just make music when I’m inspired. There’s no pressure”

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Loz Goddard has spent a decade traversing niche corners of electronic music. His groovy synth- and sample-laden disco house cuts have seen releases on Outplay, Razor ‘n’ Tape and Quintessentials, while his recent introspective, organic and evolving works have found homes on Church, FINA and now Oath.

“I’ve never been in a commercial kind of scene. It doesn’t really interest me,” he tells MusicTech. “The smaller you get, the better sense of community you get.”

Despite residing in tight-knit networks, the Mancunian producer has performed all over Europe and has clocked up millions of streams online. His debut album, Balloon Tree Road, out 25 February, may feel like a long time coming following a steady stream of successful EPs – but Loz has just been waiting for the perfect moment.

Loz GoddardPhoto: Kat Greenwood

“I don’t like forcing anything,” he says. “If you do that, you end up with something that’s not completely true to you.

“I had three tracks, with one that took me two years. When I listened to that back, I was like, ‘I don’t want to release this on an EP. It doesn’t feel like an EP track.’ And everything I made after that track didn’t fit with it. So I thought, ‘I’m gonna save this for something on an album one day’.”

Though Loz’s musical career isn’t a full-time pursuit, he occupies a space that many music-production hobbyists strive for. In 2015, he was embedded in a deep house and disco house scene that exploded in popularity and paved the way for prominent acts such as Folamour, Mall Grab, and DJ Seinfeld. Loz, too, has benefitted. He’s now more than 100 episodes into his radio show, Downtown Groove Sessions, and has gained a boost from YouTube channels such as Slav House and Houseum, both definitive resources for loyal underground dance fans.

Loz GoddardPhoto: Kat Greenwood

“Networking and going out to meet people has always been a help, and sending my music to mates that are already doing it and getting feedback. I try not to imitate who I like. I just make music that I want to listen to.”

After a … Read More

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky Have Dinner at Carbone, with Rih in R13 Bomber and Martine Rose Crystal Encrusted Jeans, and ASAP Rocky in Supreme x BB Simone

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Rihanna and ASAP Rocky dined Carbone last night, with Rihanna wearing a $695 R13 bomber jacket, $935 Martine Rose jeans with crystal embellishments, and a Vintage Mets shirt.

Her oversized workwear bomber has a drawstring hood detail. The Jacket is made with American Canvas with oversized hood. 

Her acid wash jeans are speckled with rhinestone embellishments.

She further accessorized with a Vintage Dior choker, Vintage Gianni Versace sunglasses, and $1,380 Amina Muaddi Giorgia sandals.

Her patent calf sandals have a crystal-embellished ankle strap.

 Asap Rocky rocked a Supreme x BB Simone studded puffer and jeans, a Real Tree beanie, and Nike Air Force 1 mid sneakers.

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Celebs Love: Laquan Smith’s White Fuzzy Mohair Dress and Matching Coat as Worn by Kylie Jenner, Lori Harvey, and Jennifer Hudson

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A certified celeb fave? Laquan Smith’s Basic Instinct inspired white Mohair dress and matching coat:

Kylie Jenner was the first person to rock the look with white Amina Muaddi sandals and a sparkly diamond anklet:


Jennifer Hudson was up next, boasting a flipped hairstyle and diamond bracelets.

And Lori Harvey showed off her slim waist wearing the look, topped off by clear heels.

Take a look at how it was modeled below:

They all look bomb! This is a flattering piece for all the ladies.

What do you think? Who wore it best?

Images: Instagram/Backgrid

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Marjorie Harvey Celebrates Valentine’s Day in $17,000 Bottega Veneta Green Cut Out Sparkly Mini Dress

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Marjorie Harvey wore a $17,000 Bottega Veneta dress while celebrating Valentines Day with hubby Steve Harvey.

Her lurex and viscose blend dress has all-over crystal hotfix embroidery and diagonal drawstring cutouts.

Get her dress here.

Would you splurge?

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5 Celebrities Who Think Women Are Too Mean to Each Other

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Believing women are too harsh and mean to each other, these 5 celebrities think women need to learn how to be there for each other and support each other more. Some have discovered first hand how bitchy and mean other women can be, while others just think women are stronger when they’re united. Here is what they have to say on the subject.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron thinks women are harsh on each other, especially as they age: ”I wish that women would let other women age gracefully and allow them to get older and know that as we get older, we become wiser.’

daryl hannah

Daryl Hannah

Daryl has experienced hate from other women: “When I dated a musician I learned that the girls backstage don’t want you around, you know what I mean? I’ve dealt with a lot of women not liking me because of my physical appearance, let alone anything else. I think American women are very aggressive.”


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer believes women are often too critical of each other: “So all of the sudden being funny is making fun of the girl that’s wearing an ugly dress. And the word fat! I just think it should be illegal to call somebody fat on TV. I mean, if we’re regulating cigarettes and sex and cuss words because of the effect it has on our younger generation, why aren’t we regulating things like calling people fat?”


Khloe Kardashian

Khloe thinks women need to stop comparing each other: “We are sisters and women need to stop being compared to other women! Beauty is not how we look, it is how we act.”


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley<… Read More

Top Casual Style Tips For Men Who Want to Look Sharp

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Annoying, isn’t it?

Everyone wants to dress better and look their best, but not all of us can breathe life into this goal. Today, style matters to almost every man out there. 

After all, one wants to look hot and ensure that they are nothing less than the people around them. But just when an individual wants to register a strong impression on someone in everyday life, they fail to buy the right clothing accessories for themselves. 

Dressing casual sounds fun because it allows one to let themselves loose. And, if done right, one will master the art of dressing casual and looking the best version of themselves. 

Well, we’re glad to have you here since we will guide you through the best tips that will make you look unique:

Start Dressing Like a Grown-Up

Long story short, you need to stop dressing as a boy. So get rid of the patched jeans and multi-coloured sweatshirts. You’re a grown man, so you better start dressing like one. Maturity is one of the leading attractive qualities in any man out there. Sometimes, even minor changes can make you look smart, such as accessories, and upgrade your style: if you are at the office, a pair of blue light glasses with cool frames are not only going to enhance your style, but also they are going to protect your eyes from harmful lights coming from electronic devices. 

If you’ve grown and realised you still look like a teenager, it is time to start reviewing your clothing choices. 

Use Rock Jeans

The go-to casual wear will always be a cemented part of every boy’s wardrobe. After all, jeans never grow old and make you look your best. Most men will prefer wearing jeans with a t-shirt since they’ve always been a casual trend. If you want to level up your look, you can always combine your favourite jeans with a blazer to have a more casual look without losing style and elegance.  

But, what’s more interesting is that using rock jeans will make you look smart, as long as you’re wearing the right size. And FYI, the right pair doesn’t have to be baggy or over the top. 

Change it Up Down There

The jeans are great, but they all look the same. And, you’ve got many other options for legwear. Have you ever heard of chinos? Sweat pants? If you’ve checked them out already, we recommend you experiment with this choice. You don’t have to be scared of trying something … Read More

On the State of Fashion: A Superbowl Halftime Fashion Recap (Including Mary J Blige in Dundas) + NYFW Highlights

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Visit + Subscribe to theStateofFashion.Bulletin.com to read fashion highlights from the Superbowl Halftime Show, along with recaps of shows like Sergio Hudson and Christian from New York Fashion Week.

I write, “The most talked about event in our world was not that the Rams won, but rather the game’s EPIC Halftime performance! Mary J Blige looked absolutely brilliant in custom Dundas, styled by Jason Rembert, along with Diamond hoops from her Sister Love MJB line.”

Credit: Getty

About Sergio Hudson’s show, I say, “Hudson told The State of Fashion, “We stepped out a little bit. I wanted to show the full gamut of who I am as a designer.” The brand’s co-creator Charles Lynch added, “The inspiration was inspired by the African Mbele tribe and their jewelry. We wanted to bring that story to how we live in Beverly Hills. So it’s like Africa meets Beverly Hills. What would Cher from Clueless wear on Safari?”

Credit: @VizualApe

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What was your favorite Fashion Week or Superbowl Halftime moment?

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