Fashion Discussion: Should Black Women Wear Bonnets in the Airport? Monique Speaks Out


Black women’s hair is their crown and glory, and many of us protect it all all costs and in all spaces–even in public or at the airport.

Comedian and ‘Auntie’ Monique took to Instagram recently to speak out against this practice, urging young black women to take pride in their appearance and carry themselves like “Queens.” Read more below:

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Adhering to the politics of respectability,  which was first used in the context of Black women and their efforts to distance themselves from the stereotypical and disrespected tropes of being lower class or unkempt, Monique’s take is pretty old school. In fact, because blacks were historically so often discriminated against by the majority, they were urged to prove their humanity by going over and above in presenting a polished exterior. If the world assumed they were ‘less than,’ they were going to overcompensate, and show that they were more.

The need for many of us to overcompensate and overdress persists to this day, with African-American stars arguably sporting more labels, gold chains, and lace fronts than their counterparts. However, it seems that some of the younger generation no longer care about what the outside world may think. @_Topanga said, “My thing will always be: we were getting lynched, shot, beat, raped, killed, spat, had dogs on us, set ablaze, attached, disrespected in our Sunday best for just being. So to say we should take a little more pride in ourself and what we wear [is ridiculous]. I’m gonna wear my bonnet, head scarf, PROUDLY.”

To each their own, indeed. And neither a blog post nor a video from Monique can make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. That said, our culture still battles with images of perception, and sometimes perception is everything. I personally think th… Read More

Most Requested: Joie Chavis’s Instagram Black Sheer Agent Provocateur and Mugler Jumpsuit


You Ask, We Answer! Many of our readers DM’ed us for the ID on @joiechavis look! @misspain_killer says, “Please give name of outfit 😍” @simplysharissa adds, “Who is Joie wearing??” @ohioslala writes, “Can u please tell us where joie got this jumpsuit?” @missbri1003 types, “Hey Fashionbomb! Do you know where Joie’s outfit is from?!” @marylilli says, “What outfit is this.”

Joie looked hot for a night out in a $365 Agent Provocateur Black Halter Swimsuit and $620 Thierry Mugler Spiral Stirrup leggings.

Her stretch jersey one-piece swimsuit in black has cut-outs throughout and an Adjustable criss-crossing halter strap featuring hook-eye fastening. 

These black Mugler panelled mesh stirrup leggings are crafted from Lycra with sheer tulle panels. With a spiral design, they feature a high waist, heel hooks to the ankles, and a reflective logo on the lower hip line.

Unfortunately her leggings are sold out, but get her swimsuit here and similar leggings here:

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Best Microphones for Beatboxing


Nothing hurts more than bad quality. It is difficult to choose a microphone for beatboxing from the big variety of different mics on the market. Finding the best microphones for beatboxing can be tricky. There are so many different microphones available on the market, it’s hard to know which is right for you. This guide will help you pick out a microphone that’s right for your beatboxing needs.
Do you want to start (or take your beatboxing skills further) but don’t know what the best beatboxing in 2020/2021 are? You want to be able to beatbox like the pros, but which microphone is best – dynamic, condenser, or USB – and what features should I look for? But first, what actually is a microphone? A microphone has two parts: a diaphragm and a magnet. The diaphragm is a flat surface, made of mylar, that vibrates when the air around it vibrates.
We’ve found, tested, and reviewed all of your favorite BeatBoxing microphones below, making sure you get the best microphones. Find our review of the microphones for beatboxing and make a choice according to your personal requirements. The guidelines below will help you figure out what kind of microphone is best for beatboxing or other vocal applications like singing or vocals in general. You’ll find reviews of the best mics for beatboxers in our comprehensive guide – plus a section where you can ask us any questions.

1. BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

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BONAOK Q37 is a perfect wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone for you. What’s more, you can enjoy three times more singing fun! With a built-in microphone amplifier & echo effect in the cord of the karaoke machine, you will achieve excellent sound quality from the Bluetooth and amplifier. With a vocal clarity system, your voice will never be distorted even when you are singing at the highest volume.
Featuring a rechargeable lithium battery inside this wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone and convenient charging case by connecting the USB cable, we can just take this wireless Bluetooth mic into use anytime, anywhere. What The BONAOK karaoke microphone is specially designed for all smart devices .
The 3-in-1 portable handheld speaker with Bluetooth function is great for singing and rapping at any place, such as the party, bar, family gathering, etc. It can be folded into a small space, so you can put it in the pocket or bag without occupying much space. It … Read More

Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Shawnee from Florida


Today’s Fashion Bombshell of the Day is Shawnee, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Florida, check her out below.

Her style is dressy casual with a bit of sexy appeal. With simple silhouettes, a soft color pallet and a good sandal, this bombshell exudes, “keep it cute”. Shawnee describes her style as “chic & minimal”.

What do you think of this Bombshell’s style?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 5-10 clear, unfiltered, head-to-toe pictures of 5-10 different outfits (no collages) to [email protected] Images submitted will be featured on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of our social media platforms. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game! Please be advised: once published, pictures will remain published or unpublished at our discretion.

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SEEDJ’s virtual music production academy puts you in contact with leading record labels


SEEDJ is aiming to give producers and DJs a clear path to success with its virtual academy app. The online platform features masterclasses from established artists and has partnered with labels and management agencies to help aspiring producers accelerate their career.

The SEEDJ all-in-one app solution lets you create a complete profile, which partnered management agencies search, offering regular reviews to help you build new partnerships. You can also upload new tracks for review by SEEDJ’s partnered labels for potential deals and signings. In addition, integrated data on genre-specific music charts from important marketplaces in the industry enables you to keep track of what’s trending. Plus, you can easily purchase music from Beatport, Bandcamp, Discogs and more.

A range of established artists and tutors will enhance your music production skills in the format of more than 100 hours of video courses, lectures and workshops. You’ll also be able to download exclusive resources created by internationally recognised producers and DJs, including samples and loops to use in your work.

Some of the artist partners confirmed to produced content for the platform include Perc, Phil Weeks, Coyu, BEC, Fabrizio Rat, Alex Neri, Frankyeffe, Claudio PRC, Attanasio, Charlton, and SPFDJ.

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18 Best Synthwave Music Soundtracks (Rainy Retro Beats)


If you’re studying, watching rain hit the windshield of your red Pontiac, or need relaxing beats to listen to while writing or creating, these retro synthwave tracks are perfect to put on in the background. 

The best Synthwave songs transport you back to the 80s.(Photo source)The best Synthwave songs transport you back to the 80s.(Photo source)The best Synthwave songs transport you back to the 80s.(Photo source)
The best Synthwave songs transport you back to the 80s. (Photo source)

What is Synthwave Music? 

Synthwave is a genre of electronic music most often associated with film soundtracks from the 1980s; think Bladerunner, Tron, and modern interpretations like Drive. It’s dark, it’s post-apocalyptic, it’s neon lights on rain-spattered urban sidewalks. You’ll probably have heard related terms like “retrowave”, “futuresynth”, and “vaporwave”, but whichever flavor you like it’s all synthesized and it’s all wonderfully nostalgic.

Dive into this retro synthwave compilation while you’re feeling moody or need some urban inspiration! Read on to download each individual track.

Remember to visit our Tuts+ YouTube channel for more awesome tutorials and videos like this one!

Download 80s Synthwave Tracks on Elements

Envato Elements is home to thousands of audio tracks for your creative projects. And the site offers much more than that.

creative projects on envato elements<img src="" alt=… Read More

Rob Papen Releases DelSane Stereo Delay Effect Plug-In


Rob Papen’s DelSane is a stereo delay with a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde personality by shifting between sweet stereo tape delays & a dynamically-changing disruptive insane variations…

The post Rob Papen Releases DelSane Stereo Delay Effect Plug-In appeared first on FutureMusic the latest news on future music technology DJ gear producing dance music edm and everything electronic.

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Freeware Tutorial: Ambient pads with feedback using Sinnah


With ambient music, where less is often more, it’s all about using unique and ear-catching sounds. One way to achieve this is by reaching for an instrument with a more experimental approach to synthesis. Enter Sinnah, a freeware virtual analogue soft synth from NUSofting.

READ MORE: How to warp waveshapes with Ableton Live’s Wavetable

Although it appears fairly simple, with a single oscillator, ADSR envelope and LFO, this simplicity belies an unusual approach to synthesis, one that makes extensive use of feedback thanks to its powerful delay matrix.

What you’ll need

NUSofting Sinnah, available here.

Before we get into coaxing ambient pads out of Sinnah, let’s take a whistle-stop tour of the instrument, as this will help us get to grips with what exactly it can do.

Jack into the matrix

Open Sinnah in your DAW. It loads with the default AaaaA preset, which is great for getting the lay of the land. In the upper left is the Source section. This is the oscillator. There are five Waves, which start as simple sines but can be made more complex by adjusting the Harmonics dial. As the waveforms are not labelled, look at the oscillator for visual confirmation. The Full button below the Harmonics dial allows for the greatest expression of harmonics.

You can assign the ADSR envelope to the Wave type and Harmonics dial. Try turning these off and on to see how they sound.

Next, let’s check out the Delay Matrix. There are three delay lines that feed into each other. Each delay line has its own LFO, a kind of smoothed out sample-and-hold. Additionally, each voice has its own matrix, so playing the maximum eight voices will result in 24 delay lines and 24 LFOs all doing their own thing.

There’s also a feedback control, which gets saturated by a waveshaper at higher levels. The feedback AD envelope can also affect the feedback. It can get pretty hairy, so be careful at extreme settings.

Now that we have a handle on the basics, let’s make some ambient-ready pads.

String ensemble

Let’s start with a Solina-style string ensemble patch. The triple delay section is perfect for simulating a bucket brigade delay-style chorus circuit, such as the Roland Dimension D.

Start by calling up the piano base patch under the Inits subheading. This gives us a simple sine wave. Uncheck the box linking the Harmonics to the ADSR. Turn the Harmonics dial to 3… Read More

Best Microphones for Documentaries


Finding the right microphone for a documentary can be a major hurdle with many variables to consider. Documentary Filmmakers know that audio is crucial, and can make the best documentary even better. But they also know it’s hard to find good microphones for documentaries at an affordable price.
There are many factors involved that can make or break a first-time documentary filmmaker’s experience. And, of course, there’s a price. There are several issues to think about. And it’s easy to get carried away with features when making a decision that will affect your recordings or films. With so many options out there, it’s hard to know which microphone will do the best job for your documentary.
If you are looking into the best microphones for documentaries this is a great place to start. We will help you find the right one for your next big filmmaking project. Choosing a microphone isn’t as simple as it sounds, particularly if you haven’t got in the habit of doing it very often. There are a lot of options to consider when you start searching for those best microphones for sale. You might think that all microphones are the same but in fact, they are different. It’s not just the quality of the microphone that’s important, but how well it matches your needs. My team has scoured thousands of hours of footage and numerous hands-on experiences with various types of microphones.

1. Tascam DR-10L Portable Digital Audio Recorder with Lavalier Microphone

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Tascam’s DR-10L Portable Digital Audio Recorder with Lavalier Microphone enables you to record high-quality, professional audio right from your smartphone or tablet. The portable recorder can also be used with a wide range of other devices, such as cameras, video cameras, and computers.
This durable device features a low-cut filter and an attenuator switch for detailed sound capture, and is housed in a solid metal frame. Tascam’s DR-10L Portable Digital Audio Recorder is an extremely lightweight and portable audio recorder that includes a high-quality internal lavalier microphone.
The DR-10L has two XLR mic/line combo inputs as well as an 1/8″ stereo input for use with an external audio device or smartphone. With up to 192kHz/24-bit resolution, you can count on the DR-10L to deliver crystal clear, studio-quality recordings. The Tascam DR-10L is a rugged high-fidelity portable digital audio recorder wit… Read More

Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Shenell from Illinois


Hey Bombshells! Today our Fashion Bombshell of the Day is Shenell from Illinois. Check her out and what she had to say below.

She stated, “I am Chicago native Shenell Crear, founder of curvy fashion blog, SoShenell. As a plus size woman who is consistently styling myself in this world of fashion, I want to exude authentic confidence. It is my heart’s desire for every plus woman to understand, you are not your size or your measurements. Your confidence is built from your experiences, pain, fears, accomplishments, and joys. When you are 100% tapped into the core of your being, it becomes more intentional how you dress it-your confidence, of course. “

She continued by saying, “My style is a combination of chic, classic, street, feminine, flamboyant, lux, and unpredictable. It is the essence of my character. I and my style are one, we create our own lane in this world of fashion. This is how I strut with authenticity and authority.”

What do you think of this Bombshell’s style?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 5-10 clear, unfiltered, head-to-toe pictures of 5-10 different outfits (no collages) to [email protected] Images submitted will be featured on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of our social media platforms. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game! Please be advis… Read More