15 Best Royalty-Free Electronica Music Packs of 2019

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In this article, I’ve collected 15 of the best royalty-free Electronica tracks on AudioJungle that you can add to your projects.

1. Concert

First up on our list is an electronica music pack that is sure to get your audience interested in your multimedia project. The high energy tracks are sure to be a crowd favorite, so add these three tracks to your collection now.

2. Japan Pack

This music pack blends traditional motifs with today’s electronic music trends to create a unique experience for your audience. These tracks will work great in YouTube videos, podcasts, and commercials. 

3. Fashion Chill House Pack

Funky guitars, pianos, and tropical house melodies are what you can expect from this feel-good royalty-free music pack. Create a relaxed atmosphere in your next project with these chilled out tunes. 

4. Electronic Pack

Bring energy, power, and attitude to your latest multimedia project with this royalty-free electronic music pack. These three diverse tracks are sure to impress, so download the pack now!

5. In Future Bass Pack

“In Future Bass Pack” contains three energetic and fresh electronic tracks in the Future Bass genre. These tracks make the perfect accompaniment to advertisements, YouTube videos, presentations, and sports videos. 

Electronica Music Packs6. In that EDM Pack

Give your next multimedia project an electronic festival-like atmosphere with the “In that EDM pack.” Big synths, chunky beats, and soaring melodies are what you can expect in this uplifting pack. 

7. Congress

The three music tracks in “Congress” are best suited for presentations, vlogs, ads, and Youtube videos. The tracks in this pack contain modern productions in various electronic music genres such as dubstep, and future bass. 

8. Extreme Sports Intro Pack

Bring power and ferocity to your next audiovisual project with this extreme electronica music pack. The driving bass-lines and earth-shaking drums are sure to excite your audience. 

9. Dubstep Rock Pack

Dubstep and rock genres are a match made in heaven. This pack contains three grime-y and heavy-hitting dubstep rock tracks that will give your next multimedia project with energy. 

10. 80s Pack

“80s Pack” features three retro-style dark synthwave tracks. Any project that needs to have that retro and spacious vibe will benefit … Read More

Ocean Swift Makes All Windows VST Plug-Ins Free!

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All Ocean Swift Windows VST Plug-ins are now free! Includes all their virtual synths!!

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15 Best Royalty-Free Cinematic Music Packs of 2019

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To help you find the best possible music for your next project, I have collected a list of the 15 best royalty-free cinematic music packs of 2019.

1. Sentimental Pack

First up on my list of the best royalty-free cinematic music packs is a pack that contains tracks that are sure to inspire. All of your classic orchestral elements are in the three tracks that are in this pack. Each track will help lift your next audiovisual project to a new level! 

2. The Epical Sports Music Pack

“The Epical Sports Music Pack” contains three epic cinematic tracks that will give your audience a memorable experience. These tracks create a feeling of success, emotion, and resilience that can be suited for a wide range of mediums such as YouTube videos, podcasts, and corporate videos. 

3. Cinematic and Documentary Pack

“Cinematic and Documentary Pack” is the ideal background music to use for films, history videos, education videos, podcasts, and TV. Add these cinematic background music tracks to your project now!

4. Hollywood Action Trailer Pack

The title of this pack says it all. If you are looking to create a Hollywood like production, then this pack is for you. Suspense, intensity, excitement are just a few of the emotions that you will experience when listening to this blockbuster pack. 

5. Ultimate Horror Trailer Pack

Looking to add a little horror to your multimedia projects. Whether you are creating a trailer, commercial, video game, or horror movie, this bone-chilling royalty-free cinematic pack will be just what you need. 

Cinematic Music Packs6. Grand Opening Fanfares

The Grand Opening Fanfares music pack contains three award-winning cinematic tracks that are all sure to impress. Motivate and inspire your audience with these high-quality productions.  

7. Acoustic Uplifting Strings Pack

Bring a sense of freedom and hope to your next audiovisual project with this music pack. Pianos, guitars, strings, and cinematic drums are the instrumentation that you can expect in the three-track pack. 

8. Epic Cinematic Pack

Capture a mood of cinematic, uplifting, heroic, and epic with “Epic Cinematic Pack.” This pack will be best suited for commercials, movie trailers, ads, and any promotional content.

9. Inspiring Epic Cinematic Uplifting Pack

Out of all the inspiration music packs on this lis… Read More

best percussion microphones

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The best world percussion microphones for live music can be found by typing “best percussion microphones” on Amazon or Google search engines. The market is saturated with products claiming they are the best and nothing more than that. Finding the correct gear for your music can be confusing, especially for drummers. When people buy musical instruments, they have a hard time choosing the right one. I mean, there are a lot of factors to consider.

The problem is that most of the best world percussion microphones are sold out there. There are so many manufacturers and options to choose from. We have reviewed the best microphones for you, so you don’t have to waste time on trying different models. And in order to get your money’s worth, you have to choose the right product that will give you years of enjoyment — but how do you know which one?

You’ll easily find the best microphones that you want before they run out of stock on this page. Best Microphones are built with performance in mind. Our collection of studio microphones is built with the quality musicians prefer for recording and live applications. Our range includes overhead microphones, drum microphones, single drum microphones, dynamic mics, ribbon mics, and single drum microphone sets. Best microphones are designed to achieve optimal sonic performance when placed appropriately and handled appropriately.

1. AKG P420 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone for Recording Guitars

Check This On Amazon

AKG P420 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone for Recording Guitars, Pianos, Woodwinds, Percussion, and String Instruments Bundle with Blucoil Pop Filter, 10-FT Balanced XLR Cable, 5X Cable Ties This bundle is a complete microphone package that’s packed with everything you need to start recording high-quality audio.

This Percussion Microphone for Recording Guitars, Pianos, Woodwinds, Percussion, and String Instruments As Acoustic Guitar and Piano Miking Go, this AKG P420 Microphone is an Easy Way To Get Great Sound If you’re recording acoustic guitars or pianos in a studio or at home, this AKG P420 microphone is a smart accessory to add to your guitar amp, mixing board or computer for capturing rich audio.

The top-selling P420 mic features a cardioid pickup pattern that provides excellent rejection of sound from the sides and rear. The AKG P420 is a large-diaphragm condenser percussion microphone built for recording all kinds o… Read More

Audio Basics: How to Record Sound on Your Video Camera

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In these lessons from David Bode’s course, On-Camera Sound: Audio Essentials for Solo Video Producers, you’ll learn the core skills you need to record high-quality audio on your video camera.

Woman sound recordist in video studioWoman sound recordist, monekybusiness/Envato Elements
What You Need to Record Great Sound for Video

First up, learn what you need to get started: a camera
with an external mic input, microphones, mic cables, external mic
pre-amps, and headphones.

Audio Recording for Video

launching into audio gear, we’ll get a little deeper into how audio is recorded. This lesson gives a simplified
overview of microphones (dynamic and condenser styles), and a gentle introduction to all the supporting gear, like cables, pre-amps,
analog-to-digital converters, bit depth and sample rate, and recording

The Sweet Art of Microphone Placement

Where you put you microphone has a big impact on how the audio signal sounds. Learn how to place your mics in this lesson:

How to Connect Everything Together

By this point we’ve covered a lot of kit; in order to use all these devices you have got to know how to connect them properly. Let’s find out how:

Watch the Full Course

In this comprehensive course, available in full with a subscription to Envato Elements, audio expert Dave … Read More

Revisión Del Pedal De Reverberación De Eventide Blackhole

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Teniendo en cuenta la multitud de pedales de guitarra de reverberación en el mercado, ¿agregar el Blackhole a su carcaj tendrá un impacto de $300 en su sonido?

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Best Choir VST: Top 8 Realistic Sounding Plugins

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When thinking of the human voice, we tend to overlook the fact that it is an instrument in and of itself. One which cannot be replicated no matter how hard we try. This unique attribute perhaps explains why there is a fairly limited amount of choir VSTs in the market.

Indeed, the profound vocal range of male Baritones, combined with the heavenly voice of female sopranos, can truly form the very essence of an entire production.

Several companies have now designed exceptional choir plugins with access to extensive collections.  From Hollywood choirs, to children’s ensembles, these libraries will surely take any sinner back to church.

Without further ado, we have put together a list of the best choir VSTs available right now!

Top 8 Choir Plugins

Soundiron Mercury Boys’ Choir ElementsSoundiron Requiem Light Symphonic ChoirEastWest Sounds Hollywood ChoirsSoundiron Olympus Choir ElementsBig Fish Audio Aeris: Hybrid Choir DesignerCinematique Instruments Interval – Les FemmesStrezov Sampling StormChoir UltimateStrezov Sampling Wotan Male Choir

1. Soundiron Mercury Boys’ Choir Elements

Soundiron Mercury Boys_ Choir Elements

The first thing that comes to mind when describing Soundiron’s Mercury Boys’ Choir Elements is Pink Floyd. Remember the choir of boys singing in the background? Well that is exactly what this package offers. Think clear, crisp, light, yet rich vocals of a 25-boy professional ensemble, known as the Pacific Boychoir.  Recorded in a large hall, the setting accentuates the ethereal sound the boys’ pure voices.

This VST includes sustains, marcatos, and staccatos, in addition to four primary vowels: Ah, Eh, Oh, and Oo vowels. You have the option to select these vowels to be played in piano, or forte with a 2x round robin variation. Also recorded chromatically with automatic tempo-syncing is the multi-syllable sustain or staccato latin words variances.

Again, similar to the other Soundiron elements, we see a multitude of audio elements ranging from built-in sound effects to sound-shaping parameters. These elements are meant to add an additional layer of sentimentality attached to the cinematic performance.


Built-in Wordmaster systemProficient rou… Read More

Learn the power of Alchemy in Logic Pro 10.6

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Alchemy is an incredibly powerful synthesizer that comes pre-installed with Logic Pro. It can be easy to get lost in such a deep engine with so many presets, parameters and effects. We’re going to ease you into it, so that you can become a master of Alchemy without fear of getting lost along the way.

In this tutorial, Jono Buchanan teaches you Alchemy. You’ll learn the basic workflow of Logic Pro’s deep synthesizer and understand some of the different features that are immediately on-hand for experimentation. You’ll get familiar with the interface, morphing between patches, the arpeggiator section and the effects. Jono also shows you how to explore the vast number of presets available.

Throughout our Logic Tips series, MusicTech Logic guru Jono Buchanan explains the music production process using Apple’s professional DAW. We have 70 episodes covering topics such as:

Record Capture
Using Groups
Adaptive Limiter
Parallel Compression
Channel EQ tutorial
Understanding Compression
Alternative sidechain compression
Sidechained gates
Slicing audio with EXS24
Tuning audio with Flex Pitch
Using the Evoc 20 Vocoder
Modulation effects
Articulation mapping
Low Latency Mode
Gated kick and bass triggers
Creating your templates
Remove spill between tracks
Sidechain compression on vocal reverb

Jono Buchanan is an Apple Certified instructor, with years of experience under his belt. As well as being a professor in Guildhall’s Electronic Music Department, he’s also a producer and media composer, and a trusted writer for MusicTech.

For more expert advice, interviews, news and reviews visit musictech.net. And, subscribe to the MusicTech YouTube channel now for new DAW tutorials every week and more.

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14 Best Soundtracks for Instructional Videos

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If you’ve ever studied a great film or video, you know that the soundtrack creates the mood. This applies equally to great cinema as it does to instructional videos and multimedia projects.

Whatever the subject of an instructional video, the soundtrack selected to accompany it is critical to fostering a positive mood, as well as keeping people focused, inspired, and entertained.

If you’re looking for just the right soundtrack, here are 14 of the best soundtracks available at AudioJungle.

15 Best Soundtracks for Instructional Videos

1. Quirky, Bright and Fun

Infectious and catchy, Quirky, Bright and Fun is the right choice for creative videos to keep an audience engaged. It comes with two tracks, one with whistling and the other without. You can mix and match them as you choose.

2. Inspirational Loops

Inspirational Loops contains five tracks. They all use acoustic guitar, but each track incorporates a variety of different instruments to make the melodies either more upbeat or more contemplative. Inspirational Loops would work well for longer videos where some variation in musical theme is desired for different sections.

3. Upbeat Indie Folk

The Upbeat Indie Folk track features a catchy mixture of acoustic guitar, clapping and percussion, a perfect combination for adding a bit of inspiration to a video.

4. Relaxation

The Relaxation track is the most quiet and contemplative of the soundtracks on this list.  The solo piano track is ideal for yoga, meditation or any other instructional video which needs subtle and thoughtful background music.

5. Acoustic Guitar Music Pack 1

If you want to add a warm and relaxed vibe to an instructional video, Acoustic Guitar Music Pack 1 is a collection of light and contemplative acoustic guitar tracks that will do just that.

6. Upbeat Uplifting Inspiring Indie Pop

The Upbeat Uplifting Inspiring Indie Pop track is a bouncy, fast-tempo pop rock track that combines hand claps, whistling and guitar riffs that will definitely bring a fun and exciting mood to an instructional video.

7. Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate

Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate uses electric and acoustic guita… Read More

These three Polyend Trackers come with new samples and project files by artists

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Polyend has released three new Artist’s Edition Trackers, each with a distinctive design by three artists that have created music with the instrument. Legowelt, Pete Cannon and Bogdan Raczynski have all collaborated with Polyend on a new Limited Edition Tracker, complete with their own designs – and they’ve also included a wealth of original music files.

READ MORE: The Big Review: Polyend Tracker

Each Tracker also comes with a vinyl EP from each of the artists. These feature similar designs to their respective Trackers and will surely brighten up your studio. Polyend’s Limited Edition releases are limited to 300 units per artist, however, so you’ll need to be quick if one takes your fancy.

Legowelt’s brightly coloured Tracker comes preloaded with 26 original projects that can be used to learn the power of Polyend’s instrument. It also features over 5,000 samples made by Legowelt.

Polyend Artist's Edition Trackers

Pete Cannon’s Tracker, seemingly inspired by the Commodore 64, comes with sample projects and an exclusive sample pack.

Polyend Artist's Edition Trackers

Bogdan Raczynski’s banana-flavoured Tracker features samples projects along with a sample pack and inspiration booklet made by Bogdan.

Polyend Artist's Edition Trackers

Making music with tracking software is not a new concept. In fact, the approach to music-making has been around for over 30 years. Everyone from Calvin Harris and deadmau5 to Aphex Twin and Venetian Snares has been known to make magic with tracking software. Check out our History of Trackers feature for an in-depth history.

In our review of the Tracker, we said: “Polyend’s Tracker is not a toy. Although its capabilities are limited compared to contemporary tracker software, it has a steep learning curve. Even for those who learnt to make music on the OctaMED, it can take a while to get your head around the Tracker’s … Read More