Teenage Engineering releases free Capcom videopaks for OP-Z synth

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Teenage Engineering, continuing its collaboration with legendary Japanese video game company Capcom, has launched a series of free videopaks for the OP-Z synth.

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The Capcom videopaks include 12 scenes from the Mega Man and Street Fighter franchises, each complete with authentic graphics. Using the OP-Z’s keyboard and dials, you can adjust the retro action on screen in real-time and in sync to your music.

To access the videopaks, you’ll need to download the free OP-Z companion app for MacOS, iOS and Android. There won’t be any wires to hook up; connections are wireless.

“Fire your arm cannon, breakdance on rooftops and perform a perfect K.O! to the tempo of your song,” wrote Teenage Engineering on its website. Watch a trailer below:

If you’re interested in creating your own custom visuals for the OP-Z, you might also want to check out Teenage Engineering’s videolab. It’s a free set of tools for Unity designed to help you turn motion graphics into audio-synced content for live shows, art installations and more.

Teenage Engineering and Capcom collaborated for the first time last December when they launched the Megaman and Street Fighter Pocket Operators. We checked out both retro-themed portables in a review earlier this month, saying: “A few surprising hidden features make these re-skinned Pocket Operators much more than hipster toys.”

Learn more at teenage.engineering

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